Paper Christmas Decorations; Day 5

…. on the 5th day of Christmas my blog friend gave to me….
Origami Wreath
I have to admit, I was super excited when I realized I could actually give you five golden rings. 
Sing with me now…
“5 Golden Riiiiiiiiings…”
First you need 8 pieces of card stock paper in a 2:1 ratio. 
For example 4″ x 2″ inches.  Fold all pieces in half length wise (it will now measure 4″ x 1″ inch) .
(keep pattern on the outside if you are using a patterned paper)
 Now fold the pieces in half length wise so it now measures 2″ x 1″. 
Then take the 4 corners (2 on each side) and fold down into the center, to meet at the bottom edge.
See picture above.

Now take one of the folded pieces with the pockets up, and stick the points of the next piece into the pockets of the first piece.  (see images above, although it will be flat not in a v shape)   Then, just continue adding pieces into the wreath until you get them all in.  At that point if it is not the proper shape just push it into shape.  Done!

Source of oragami instructions Domesticali.
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  1. >i stumbled across your blog, and i love it!
    i am a daisy girl scout leader, and we had our "homemade ornament swap" today, my daughter chose the day 2 ornament (not the daisy one that i thought!) and it came out so cute.
    thank you!
    Melanie :0)
    Danvers, MA