DIY Paper Christmas Tree from a Magazine (Paper Christmas Decorations; Day 12)

….on the twelfth day of Christmas my blog friend gave to me….
Recycled Magazine Tree
You will need an old magazine for this project.
First you begin by folding down the pages like so.
Until you’ve done this to every individual page in the magazine.
Then you fold them in half again.
It will then look like this with an angular base.
At the base, fold the small triangle into the center of the two previous folds,
so it looks nice and clean
If you need to, fan it out and glue the two covers together.  Done!
That is unless you want to paint or glitter it!
I placed a small star ornament on top for fun!

The source for this idea is Martha
Also she has another tree that would be fun to make here.  See the picture Cute huh!

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  1. >I haven't seen one of thise magazine trees in years! We used to make them when I was in grade school! Definitely a classic, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. >Oh my goodness! Just this morning I was looking a mountain of magazines (that I can't seem to part with) wondering what I could do with them….
    Decorating magazines, recipe magazines, craft magazines… A cute tree made from them would be like the gift that keeps on giving! Thanks for sharing!

  3. >This is the best use of print decoration in all of blogland. I can't wait to try it next year. Have a great new year