Nursery Confessionals

I have a confession.
My nursery is still not done!
I have excuses, you want to hear them? Okay good, cuz I’ve been going over them in my head trying to make them sound really good.
  1. The dog ate it, what dog you ask? Clifford, the big red one.
  2. Aliens abducted me.
  3. I’ve been watching Lost re-runs.
  4. I got too prego to stand on a chair and not fall off, it’s a balance thing. (true)
  5. I was too cheap to turn on the AC and couldn’t face the heat upstairs. (true)

Okay, so the real reason is more like I just wasn’t exactly inspired. I am still not. I am trying to get into the “Nursery design groove”, but I have had a hard time and too many ideas that aren’t exactly coming together and no budget which is harder not impossible.

Also, Etta is still downstairs with us. Which is easiest for me. She hasn’t even slept in her crib, she is still in her bassinet. (it’s okay, she has been sleeping through the night since about 5 weeks). and yes, I was just bragging, even though I mostly just got lucky…

To make my design dilemma more dilemma-y, I was given something else I would like to use. While we were in Utah, Justin’s mom gave me a book from the 50’s-60’s or so(it was her mothers), of darling pictures of nursery rhymes images. So, I decided I need to work that in, so things have once again changed, and moved. Here are two little pictures from the book there are 11 in perfect condition and one sorta ruined one, I may try to salvage.

BUT! I did do one thing, just the other week, and I want your opinion. I hung up the lanterns. This was a LOT harder than it seemed, trying to get them to hang evenly and feel balanced. To be honest I am not sure if I succeeded, but after getting up and down on a chair about 3,097 times, it isn’t changing anytime soon.
Here are the pictures. (the rest of the room isn’t really done yet, but here are the pictures. I’ll come back to it soon, I need to make a quick trip to Ikea, Walmart and/or Family Dollar for frames! Shoppin‘ around is fun!)

Light on, Light off!

Just opposite the crib-

The two unfinished walls.

One will have the nursery rhymes. The one with the picture of the Savior will have a book shelf.

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  1. >You are so put together… really! Even for having a newborn. I have 3 kids, and their rooms have never been decorated. Lame, eh? I really like the nursery rhyme pictures. The lanterns are awesome. The end.