"O" My, Guest Project

This is a quick post, to show you a little craft project April submitted.  
It is a fun way to reuse and old frame and is another way to use twine, which is all the rage!
Here are her instructions she sent me!

An old picture frame (11 x 14 size was used)
Paint (optional)
Natural fiber cording (jute or twine)
A 3 Dimensional Letter

1. Start with your frame
2. Paint the frame if desired (she used black spray paint)
3. Take a roll of natural fiber cording (from Walmart, $5) and wind the cardboard that usually sits behing the picture in the frame. Secure with a little hot glue. 

4. Take your letter and use a ribbon to secure it.  Staple gun the ribbon to the back of the frame. 
The colors and ribbon could be changed to match the color scheme in any room.

Some cheap new decor!
What do you think?
I really love the texture.

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