Old Wood Box Now Cutlery Caddy

Lisa at Recaptured Charm found a lonely little wood box at a thrift store and saw greater potential for a new use in her kitchen as a cutlery caddy.

While browsing through a Goodwill store recently, I came across this little item.
I’m sure Emma got some good use out of this at some point, but since it landed in the local Goodwill, I’m going to assume Emma has moved on to bigger and better things.
cuttlery caddy 002a
The first step is to sand it all down.  Sorry Emma.cuttlery caddy 005a
I really didn’t want to prime it because I wanted to the wood grain to show through, but the stinkin’ yellow color wouldn’t sand off, so I had no choice.  After priming, I gave it a coat of Heirloom White then sanded it in areas where it would get normal wear and tear.cuttlery caddy 010a
Because I have plans to put this in my kitchen, I used the same colors of paint and glaze that I used on the kitchen cupboards.cuttlery caddy 014a
After glazing.  I loved the look, but it just needed something in front.
cuttlery caddy 018a 
I looked through my collection of old handles and knobs and found the perfect hardware in the wrong color. I didn’t want gold, so I sprayed it pewter and drilled a hole. It was the perfect addition.
cuttlery caddy 021a

cuttlery caddy 024a 

cuttlery caddy 038a
Emma’s little crayon box has become the perfect little cutlery caddy for my kitchen island. 

cuttlery caddy 037a
cuttlery caddy 043a

cuttlery caddy 036a

cuttlery caddy 049a cuttlery caddy 057a  The total cost for this project was $2.  I paid exactly that for the little box.  The rest of the materials, I already had.cuttlery caddy 052aThanks Emma, whoever you are.

What a nice make over. I love the new use as a cutlery caddy.  How do you like it?
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  1. >I really love that! I have one in my garage that we made when we were scout leaders! I am thinking I would like that for BBQ's out on the porch! Great idea!

  2. >Wow! I absolutely love your silverware caddy! What a transformation! I love how you distressed it, and the hardware you added is the icing on the cake!!

  3. >Ok I was shocked at how cute this turned out. What a great idea. This is one of those Really good ideas you stumble upon as you blog. So creative. nice job!

  4. >This is a GORGEOUS re-do!! Love it!
    This is so my style at heart but it completely clashes with my husband's taste lol…maybe I can convert him 😉