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I am so excited to be a contributor here at Remodeloholic! I have been a long time reader and fan. I wanted to share with you a simple, inexpensive and clever paper and burlap garland to make for the fall. It comes together quicker than you might think…and it’s so easy the kids could help out too!


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DIY Paper and Burlap Garland!

I love the roll of craft paper that you can find in the “paint prep” aisle of your local hardware store. I have done several projects with this one roll…it last forever and it’s cheap!






Brown Craft Paper

Glue stick


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1. Cut a piece of craft paper, burlap, and felt to about 36 inches and fold it in half. Now cut pieces that are about 1 inch…no need to be perfect …just eyeball it 🙂


2. Cut a piece of twine the length of your mantle (or wherever you may be placing the garland). Tape it up in a large doorway so that you have some space to work.


3. Take the pieces of paper and glue them to the twine….place the crease of the paper on the twine and glue in place. I made my pieces go a bit “slanted” ….space them about 3 inches apart. You can always go back and add some in….


4.  Next take some cut pieces of burlap and staple the burlap to the twine. Use as many pieces as you feel necessary to create a full effect. I added in some pieces of brown felt too….the more texture the better!


Now enjoy your paper and burlap garland!


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Hang your handmade garland up and smile 😉

Love cute things that are cheap….and handmade 🙂


Please be sure to check out my blog Cleverly Inspired, for other great ideas!

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