Red Painted And Glazed Accent Table

Katie at Impatiently Praying for Patience loves red!  See her new red painted accent table and how great it looks.

I have heard it said that every room could use a little red.

I love red, well I used to LOVE red.

Everything was red.

It was a little overwhelming. I had a red dining room, red and gold bedroom, heck my boys nursery was (is) red, black, and tan. So I still do LOVE red, but I love it better now when it is just a little punch of red.

A punch of red makes it more special.

I found this table and it was in bad shape. It must have been left out in the rain or maybe they had a 4 year old that like to just pour water all over it periodically throughout the day… everyday for a year or so.

In other words, I will have some tables that will be in this condition in a little while.

So here is what she looked like before.

Just a sad simple table. I had already started sanding down the wavy top.

Then I primed and spray painted with some candy apple spray paint.

Holy Cow that is bright!

Next I got some Ralph Lauren glaze that I already had tinted “tea stain” and put some in a cup and then mixed in some graphite paint with it.

Just mixed it together and then brushed it on then wiped it off.

I have to say I REALLY like how it turned out.

See? Just a perfect punch a red to a room.

The red makes the details on the side pop out. I didn’t even notice it before.

I got the handles at Hobby Lobby.

I love the punch of color!  This is a nice little accent table and a great piece to look at and show off.

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  1. >Oh my goodness! That would look fabulous in my red black and white bedroom. I want! Great job Katie! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. >Did you use tinted primer for the piece or just white?? I'm mid-reviving an old dresser and am following your inspiration 🙂 Thanks for any tips!