Refinishing a Piano Bench; Guest

Hi Friends,Its Shannon from Posh Pieces here again at Remodelaholic. I hope you are all enjoying your summer.  I wanted to share with you one of the first projects I shared on my blog. Also one that I still use almost everyday as it sits in my dining room. I got this piano bench on craigslist for about $30. Not a complete steal, but worth it to me because it was just what I wanted… except the color that is.. I wanted the bench to match my black dining room table. Here is the before.

Very simple, kinda boring, and definitely not a match to my black dining room set. 

I sanded this baby down to the grain which is not necessary if your going to prime and paint, but I was more thorough back then. 

After I spent way to much time sanding, I applied my Rustoleum Primer.
After it was primed, I applied two generous coats of Rustoleum Black paint.
The final step was to give it a distressed look like my dining room table, but without distressing it. My dinning room table is not distressed, but it has a treatment on it that looks like it was. 
I bought a small can of paint that was the same color as the distressed areas, and then used a 2 inch brush to brush it on in a few random places. 
Here it is all finished.
I am fully aware of the flash in the background, and the not so great photo here.. Sorry for that, I had to use what I had. Can you see the painted on distressed areas?

Here is a close up of the legs. You can see the areas on the table that look distressed, and the areas on the bench I created to match. The bench matches my table perfectly now. 
I think it turned out pretty good. How about your?

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  1. >The black makes the bench looks so chic and expensive! I love painting things black and the shiny black looks especially good on the bench. Nice job! 🙂

  2. >Great job on the bench. I like the idea of making it "look" destressed without actually sanding down the paint!!! Thanks for the tip!

  3. >Love it! I want to do the same thing to a bench I just bought. Do you know what color paint was used to "distress" it? I'd be ever so grateful if you could let me know. Thanks!