The Remodelaholic Guide to Dining Table Sizes: Seating, Tablecloth Size, and Chair Height

Whether you’re buying or DIYing a dining table, it’s important to keep dining table sizes in mind — both for seating and chair height, as well as for ensuring the correct tablecloth size for your dining table. So we talked with the amazing Dawn and Ashley from AD Aesthetic (and you’ll recognize Dawn from Designing Dawn, one of our regular contributors) and they put together this beautiful and number-packed infographic for us. Enjoy!

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The Remodelaholic Guide to Dining Table Tablecloth Size @Remodelaholic

Choosing the Correct Tablecloth Size for Your Dining Table

Whether you use a tablecloth every day or only for special occasions, it’s important to have the correct table cloth size for your dining table. Too large and the tablecloth hangs in the laps (or lower) of your dining partners; too small and it looks like your table has been through a teen-boy-style growth spurt. Grab your measuring table and follow the dimensions above to guide you on your quest for the perfect tablecloth.

Pssst, here’s a budget-savvy tip: Amazon has great prices on basic cloth tablecloths, in a variety of colors. You can also get some great deals on pretty patterned tablecloths like these, without ever leaving the house!


The Remodelaholic Guide to Dining Table Seating @Remodelaholic

Dining Table Seating: How Many At the Table?

When you’re buying a new table (or building one), it’s important to know how many chairs will fit at the table! If you’re wanting captain chairs with arms or extra-wide chairs, you’ll need to measure more carefully, but the dimensions above will help you determine how many standard-size dining chairs you can fit at your table. 

We love many different styles of dining chairs, so there’s always one to fit your style! Whether you prefer a more traditional farmhouse style or lean industrial, or love a more mid-century style Eames chair or a metal Tolix, or whether you’re a little more modern with a ghost chair or a more unique modern style — it’s so fun to shop around! 




The Remodelaholic Guide to Dining Table Chair Height @Remodelaholic

Choosing a Comfortable Chair Height for Your Dining Table

Most people prefer a standard height dining table, between 28″ and 30″, which requires a standard height dining chair with a seat height of 17″ to 18″. The standard height is comfortable to sit on, accessible for children and aging adults, and works well with most kitchen and dining table light fixture heights (although if you’re tall like me, I like my dining table light higher anyway!).  As your table and chairs get taller, you’ll need to adjust any hanging light fixtures as well.  And as you chairs get taller, sturdiness becomes an even more important factor — no wobbly tippy chairs at a bar-height table! 

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