Road Trip!

We had a tour guide for our trip to TEXAS.
His name is Harold.
A little on the wild side, a little unpredictable, but he knew where some of the fun spots were, so we followed his lead. (thanks Miss Fabulous, for hooking us up with him) Actually, He has taken up permanent residence in our car, we feel that he keeps our lives a little more exciting!
Without further audue, Here is the low-down of our trip to TEXAS!

We had a few treats and books, etc.

Harold really loves his music, as you can probably tell.

He had us pick out some for his many moods.

Since the cats are amatuer travelers, we took it easy. 3, 5-6 hour travel days. This gave us a chance to do a little sight seeing too.

day 1

They actually have a scale replica of the Parthenon. I had to see it! (Hey -at least I can pretend I’ve been to Europe)

Two hot chicks. A Greek sorta cold one, and an 80’s chic babe. Cool beans!
Oh CUTE! My favorite name, and person!

Now, this is a revolutionary bank.

Instead of debit cards, you just get your account number tattooed to your, um rear.
My obsession with towers-
( I took these while driving by in the car)
I know, I know we are in Nashville and we ate at the Hard Rock? REALLY? It just sounded fun. While the food was good, overall the experience wasn’t that great, we should have gone to some local place, oh well! live and learn.
Night Shots-
Hasta Nashville!
day 2-

We actually didn’t have the time to stop in Memphis for long, so we just had lunch there. Harold is a huge ELVIS fan, he got so excited he just keeled over, Justin had to give him CPR.

Moving on.
Sunset over the city.
Arkansas State Capital
(I think)
Dinner- so I guess we are 0 – 2 (to borrow the sports lingo). In LIttle Rock, we had Chicago style pizza, at a random downtown sports bar. At least we went to a local place. And yes, the pizza was good. But then we took off cuz the presidential debate started and we wanted to go watch it.
day 3-
We have arrived. IN TEXARKANA? It rolls off the tongue so, uh… nicely. What?! -there are more state/city name hybrids? Okolona, or a rather daring Arkedelphia? Yes, I am not misleading you. Maquest it.

Well we decided we would should get into the action of creating “halvsie” names. Here is what we came up with, maybe I should trademark these. They seem to be in high demand here.
1. Washansas
2. Arkassouri
3. Missianna
4. Arkanessee
This topic interested us deeply, (we were getting a little stir-crazy) So, what did we think of next? Options for Utah variations on this theme, they are endless, but we will only name two:
1. Lindoremovo (the new Utah Valley)
2. (my personal favorite)
Anti-Nephi Lehi Fork
Ah, good times. Anyway.

And so, we truly have arrived. Hope you enjoys the road trip.
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  1. We live in Northern Indiana, near South Bend, but everyone around here, including the news channels and businesses know it as Michiana.