Temporary Tattoo Ideas

This months Silhouette promo includes
Temporary Tattoo Paper!
How fun is that?!… especially for kids!
Well, this weekend since we were painting I still finished one of the ideas I have for part of my Husband’s father’s day gift (and I need his help to take the picture)  But this awesome tattoo paper plays a part.
I want to do his three girls in a row, me, Etta and Lydia, facing our sides to the camera and on each shoulder we would have a letter “D” then “A”  then “D”  Kind of like this image (above but in temporary tattoos!  So he can put it on his desk at work!
But what I am most excited is for Etta’s second birthday (in July)!  I was thinking we could do a face painting temporary tattoo like these:
 Temporary Tattoo Ideas
And you have to check out Becky’s fun idea here, she is so funny! Love it!
child safety tatoos (2)
Use the code “REMODEL” at checkout TO receive:
1 Silhouette SD
2 packages of temporary tattoo paper 
 For just $199 (That is a $120 savings!)
For those of you who already have one get 25% off all other products in the Silhouette shop (excluding gift cards and download codes)! The promo will run June 21-29.

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