6 Characteristics of Stylish Simple Bathrooms

Keep maintenance low and satisfaction high by applying these principles and creating your own stylish but simple bathroom. 6 Characteristics of Stylish Simple Bathrooms ~ Tipsaholic.com #simple #bathroom

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Bathrooms are some of the most used rooms in the home, whether by family or by guests, and it can be tough to keep them clean and orderly. Simplicity is the way to go, but how do you achieve it while still maintaining a style that fits your home? Get your bathroom together and ready for anything by creating a space that focuses on these 6 characteristics of great, simple bathrooms.


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1. Flooring and walls that make a statement

Bathroom floors and walls can really take a beating – all the moisture and traffic bathrooms get make it necessary to have something sturdy. But that doesn’t mean it has to be ugly or bland! Use color! Use patterns! Board and batten, beadboard, paint, or tile can be great additions to walls, or even a simple piece of art. Floors with bold patterns can inspire the entire room. Find something you love and run with it.


2. The perfect lighting

Lighting is everything when it comes to making a simple bathroom functional and giving it a classy touch. Besides adding light for when you’re primping, whatever you choose will say a lot about the style of your bathroom. Look at shapes, colors, and placement when making decisions about lighting. Even the types and colors of light bulb you use are going to have an effect.



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3. A great mirror

A single mirror panel on a wall does its job, but a great mirror with a frame or fun design will really add a spark to even the smallest bathroom space! Consider a variety of shapes – oval, octagon, square, rectangular – and see what will work within the style you want to convey. Is it modern and minimalist? Traditional? Whimsical? There really is a mirror to fit every bathroom!


4. Everything is organized

Take control of your bathroom, don’t let it take control of you! Start getting rid of the little things that don’t add to the room or serve much of a purpose. Simplify is the name of the game! If you have multiple bathrooms, specify which towel sets and items will be in which room. Start sorting through the drawers and cupboards and clear them out so you can start fresh. Remove cotton balls, swabs, and other items from bulky packaging and be ready to condense!



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5. Stylish storage

Make a one-time investment in bins or baskets that are stylish and fit your needs or gather some from around the house. Start assigning your bathroom necessities their permanent homes. Mason jars of various sizes make great containers for cotton balls, swabs, bobby pins, and hair ties. Add fun labels or tags to give things a unique touch and make them easy to find.


 6. Guest-friendly

If you’ve ever been stuck in a friend’s bathroom without a new roll of toilet paper, you might know exactly what we’re talking about here. Make your bathroom a place where your guests can be comfortable when nature calls. Place personal items like tooth and hairbrushes out of sight. Keep extras of essential items like toilet paper and towels within reach. Consider leaving a freshening spray close to the toilet. And keep a plunger nearby – it can help to keep embarrassment to a minimum!


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