Skin So Soft! A Water Softener Update

*Today’s post is partnership with Morton Salt.  Thank you Morton, for helping us take care of our extremely hard water!

A few months back, we shared about our new water softener, so today we’re partnering with Morton again to give an update about our first few months. Read the first installment of the water softener saga here.

The Benefits Of Soft Water With Morton Salt @Remodelaholic 672

Before installing the water softener, our water was hit-your-head-OUCH kind of hard:

The Benefits Of Soft Water With Morton Salt @Remodelaholic 75

I didn’t realize that hard water like ours, on top of leaving build-up on our showers and sinks, could actually be leaving residue on our skin and hair, too!

The mineral composition of hard water (especially *really* hard water like ours) can mean that the important ingredients in soaps and shampoos don’t get activated or dissolved properly, and don’t entirely rinse off your body as well either. So just like hard water can leave gunk on your dishes, showering or bathing with hard water can leave gunk on your hair and skin, too — I had NO idea!

The Benefits Of Soft Water With Morton Salt @Remodelaholic 682

Just 2 bags of Morton Clean and Protect Plus Rust Defense every 2 months, and we are feeling it — skin SO soft! This is a big deal, especially with our harsh, dry Utah winters — my skin can use all the help it can get!

And what else uses a lot of water in our home? Laundry! Seriously, it never ends, and this meme cracks me up every time:

Laundry Joke

We mentioned before that having soft water now will extend the life our washing machine — which is a hallelujah, because I am not looking forward to having to shop for a large appliance again. I much prefer shopping for things like pretty area rugs, or even sheetrock 😉 #remodelaholic

On top of that awesome benefit, the soft water with Morton Clean and Protect Plus Rust Defense does the same thing for laundry detergent as it does for body wash — it means it works better! So our clothes are getting cleaner, and also staying brighter — did you know that sometimes the “fading” of clothes wish washing can actually be a build-up of minerals from the water and of the laundry soap not getting fully rinsed out? Again, I had NO idea that a water softener could affect so many things in our home, and I wish I had known sooner!

The Benefits Of Soft Water With Morton Salt @Remodelaholic 61

Overall, a few months in, we are so happy with our new water softener and the benefits we are seeing in our home. Do you have soft water?

Thanks again to Morton for partnering with us to get a new water softener and supporting us as we DIY the home of our dreams and share it here! As always, all opinions are our own. 

Read more about our water softener experience here

How To Test Your Water Hardness And The Benefits Of A Water Softener For Your Home And Family #remodelaholic


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  1. After 40 years of marriage we finally put a water softener in when we put a new well in (we live on a farm) and I’m so happy we did easier on everything! My dad was a plumber he always said it would pay for itself in a year!