Some Leftovers; Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Day 7: Thanksgiving Week

Today I am thankful for the ability to learn.  I am thankful for a mind that yearns for knowledge and has the ability to attain it.  Of all the wonderful things in the world the thing that sets us apart is our minds.  This is a gift that many people allow to be wasted, or sadly enough aren’t given the opportunity to expand.  I think the power of education, and the ability to read, in particular would eradicate so many evils in this world.  I will have to think about what more I can do to spread knowledge.  Also, I would like to thank all the teachers out there, thank you for giving me such a great foundation.  A foundation that I hope to continue building on for the rest of my life, one day, one book and one continuing education course at a time!

Well, this holiday’s decor around my house is a little less exciting than Halloweens, but I have 2 or 3 final ideas that I would like to share. 

1-Bring it in.

About 3 weeks ago, our friend Matt was digging up some flower beds to replace the existing display to a more winter friendly crop.  Justin asked if it would be okay to come and dig up some of the begonias.  And Matt said that would be fine.  Thanks Matt!

Let me just tell you, they are so fun to have.  They have been blossoming like mad, (as long as they have some direct sunlight) and they were free.  The best news is we can enjoy them all winter long, and then plant them again outside come spring!

Also, just f.y.i, I asked my husband to check first that they are safe for kitties to consume, and it turns out, not only are they safe for kitties, but they are edible for humans.  So, we tried a blossom or two, and they taste pretty good, the flavor reminds me of a pomegranate.

I realize for many of you this option is far too late, but it is a fun thought for next year!

2- Enlist some help.

Holidays are sure to be full of little helpers, so why not let them in on the decorating fun.  Have them collect some pretty colored leaves from the yard and wash them.

Then grab some:

  • Spare children
  • Pretty leaves from your yard
  • Candle votive, clear glass preferably (not your very favorites just in case!)
  • Bowls, glasses or serving dishes
  • Scotch tape
  • Raffia (or left over fabric strips from the garland!)

While you are cooking that wonderful meal, set the kids up with this project. 

First have them roll some scotch tape and then place on the back of a leaf, and then tape to the outside of the votive or bowls.  Continue covering until all you see is the leaves.

* If they are very young, you may want to help.  Maybe you could do this today in preparation for tomorrow, or have an extra adult supervise and help out.

Then use bowls for dips, gravies or sauces.  Or use as part of the centerpiece with small candles inside. (this is what it looks like with a candle.  Pretty cool!

**Also this idea can be used for glasses.  This is how I did it.  First tape one leaf to glass, then continue around the bottom of glass in one line, overlapping leaves and taping to each preceding leaf.  Then once you have made it all the way around, tie the leaf ring tightly with some raffia to keep it in place. 

You could also continue the theme with leaf place settings and probably a million other ideas!

Good Luck, I have got to go get some pre-Thanksgiving day preparations done!

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