Forgotten Gems: 15 ’70s Home Items Lost in Time!

The 1970s were an era of change, experimentation, and unique design trends. While many elements of ’70s style have made a resurgence in recent years, there are still some items from this groovy decade that have faded into obscurity.

In this blog, we’ll take a nostalgic trip down memory lane to explore 15 items from ’70s homes that most of us have forgotten about.

15. Sunken Living Rooms:

Sunken Living Room Modern
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Sunken living rooms, characterized by steps leading down to a seating area, were an architectural trend in the ’70s. Today, they are considered dated and less practical.

14. Lava Lamps:

Lava Lamp
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The quintessential ’70s decor item, lava lamps were mesmerizing and psychedelic. They’ve faded from modern homes but are still cherished by collectors and enthusiasts.

13. Avocado Green and Harvest Gold Appliances:

Green Appliances
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The ’70s were all about earthy tones, and avocado green and harvest gold appliances, especially in the kitchen, were all the rage.

12. Shag Carpeting:

Shag Rug
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Walking on a plush, high-pile shag carpet was the height of luxury in the ’70s. Today, it’s often considered impractical and challenging to maintain.

11. Bean Bag Chairs:

Bean Bag
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A symbol of laid-back comfort, bean bag chairs were a staple in ’70s rec rooms and bedrooms. They’ve been replaced by more structured seating options.

10. Wood Paneling:

Wood Panel
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Wood paneling adorned the walls of many ’70s homes, often in dark, dated finishes. Modern interior design trends favor brighter and more open spaces.

9. Waterbeds:

Very Cozy Bed
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Sleeping on a waterbed was a unique experience. These were once popular, but today, they’re a rarity.

8. Macrame Wall Hangings:


Macrame wall hangings were a distinctive ’70s art form, combining knotting and fringe. They’ve made a partial comeback but are no longer as prevalent.

7. Popcorn Ceiling:

2 Popcorn Ceiling
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Popcorn ceilings were used for acoustic purposes but have fallen out of favor due to their tendency to collect dust and their outdated appearance.

6. Hippie-Style Beaded Curtains:

Hippie Curtain
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Beaded curtains were synonymous with the ’70s hippie culture, offering a bohemian and free-spirited vibe.

5. Mushroom Decor:

Mushroom Furniture
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Mushroom motifs were everywhere in the ’70s, from tableware to lampshades. They’ve since been replaced by more contemporary designs.

4. Conversation Pits:

Conversion Pits
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These sunken seating areas were all the rage for entertaining in the ’70s but have become impractical in modern homes.

3. Crystal Chandeliers:

Elegant Chandelier
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Crystal chandeliers were a status symbol in the ’70s, but today, they’re often considered ostentatious and out of touch with minimalist design trends.

2. Ceramic Animals and Figurines:

Ceramic Animals
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Collecting ceramic animal figurines was a popular hobby. These little treasures are now more of a nostalgia piece than a decor item.

1. Record Players and Vinyl Records:

Vintage Record Player Shutterstock 2050513481
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Vinyl records have made a comeback, but the ’70s-style turntables and massive console record players are long gone.

As modern homes embrace minimalism, open spaces, and contemporary design aesthetics, many of these items have been left behind.

However, the cyclical nature of design trends means that even the most forgotten ’70s items may someday experience a revival in the world of interior design.

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