The Great Outdoors: Garden Style

Justin has been working like mad on our backyard this year!  And I had to show you the post he wrote for our family blog about our garden.

Do you all like gardening?
It is such fun!  Here is what Justin said:

I have been having a blast with my garden/back yard this year!!  It all started in mid February when the weather was very comfortable to be working and playing outside.  I am especially loving this year because of my little Etta is walking and able to play outside with me.  She is such a great helper.

I have organized the back yard quite a bit this year building a new deck,  more mature plants and starting a new path to the chicken coop, from free bricks that I got from a friend.  We like- LOVE FREE!

So anyway, this year we purchased our vegetable plants at The Home Depot, since it is so convenient.  We purchased the plants around the first weekend in March, just after the last frost (luckily).  This was about a month earlier than we did our for the first year that we tried planting and had little success, because we were too late, and the heat scorched our plants before they had a chance to produce veggies.

We purchased the following plants that are doing great and thriving:

(4) tomato plants: Patio, Grape, Roma and Celebrity
(2) zucchini plants
(2) yellow crookneck squash
(2) cantaloupe
(2) egg plant (first time to try these)
(4) strawberry plants
(2) burpless cucumber plants
(1) package of pumpkin seeds  (I planted two different clumps on the side yard in back.)
(1) watermelon (planted in pot thinking it would do well, but has not grown at all.  It makes me sad.)

Herbs in pots on the patio table
(1) basil plant
(1) sage plant
(1) rosemary plant

 Preping the garden in February with my little helper.
 Newly planted garden in early March.  (Etta LOVES riding in the wheelbarrow)
 Etta eying the strawberries.
 Etta attacking the strawberries.
 Garden at end of March.
 Herbs on patio table.
 Garden in early April.
 Garden in May.  Harvesting zucchini and tons of squash at this point.
 Etta is showing off her Texas sized zucchini to her neighbor friend.
 Some of the first harvested veggies during the last week of April.
Veggies that I picked today and last week.
(We just picked 5 eggplants yesterday too!)
We have given away about 15 other squash and zucchini to our neighbors and friends.  
It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors, as long as they like squash of course.

What are you planting?  Are you having good luck?
What other plants do we need to try growing – next year (or this fall!)?

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