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I really love Topiaries, so I thought I would show you this one that I found made by Ela on Life in my P.j.’s.  She has such a great little tutorial and I think this would be wonderful in a little girls room or for a party or a gift or…. 

Anyone who has been reading my blog, knows that I am obsessed having alot of fun making my roses. Well I decided to do a little twist on them. I wanted to know if I absolutely had to use felt to make them stable enough or could I use other fabrics. I decided to try some cotton backed with Osnaburg which is a fabric with a similar texture to linen, but much less expensive, especially when you use a coupon. I got mine for $2 a yard after the coupon. So I tried and it worked. However they come out much smaller as you can see here:
Almost half the size. So it takes alot more to fill up a space than the ones backed with felt. It took be half a yard of each fabric plus Heat N Bond to make my Rose Topiary:
It was very hard to take a good picture of this in my livingroom.
Here is a picture of just a small amount of the flowers I used:
I love the print I used. Its this here. I thought it matched the new colors in my bedroom perfectly. Here is a close up of the top:
I used this tutorial for the butterfly. Then I applied some Spanish Moss from the dollar store to the bottom:
The little pot was painted with Behr’s Ultra Premium Paint and Primer in One in the color French Roast, which in my opinion is a close paint match for ORB. I had sprayed the dowel Ivy Leaf my Krylon.
This will go on the same shelf as my Live Laugh Love picture, once the shelf is finished.
Here is it again:

I got some questions about how to make the 3-D roses found in my Rose Wreath. So today I’m going to show you how to make them.
I promise I did not watch Vampire Diaries while making this tutorial and there are plenty of pictures!
Today we will be making these:
Supplies needed:
  • Fabric
  • Felt
  • Heat N Bond Lite
  • Iron
  • Felt Glue
  • Sizzix 3-d Flower Die
  • Die cut machine of your choice ( I use a Cuttlebug)
One sheet of felt, makes 9 flowers and I base all my measurements on that.Most felt sheets come in 9 x 12 inch rectangles and can be found at any craft or fabric store for about $.25. The fabric comes out to a fat eighth, if you can get that amount. Most big fabric stores won’t cut fabric that way. I usually get at least 1/2 a yard of fabric at a time anyway, so I can just cut it off of that.
Lay your felt sheet on your fabric and cut:
Then lay your felt or fabric on the Heat N Bond ( also purchased by the yard) and cut to fit:
Iron your Heat N Bond to your fabric as per manufacturer’s instructions:
Allow to cool. Peel off paper backing and iron onto felt piece:
Allow to cool again. Once cool, cut into 3×4 rectangles. I used my guillotine paper cutter and it works great. First cut your 12 inch side into 3 strips, 4 inches wide:
Then cut your strips, long way into 3 strips, 3 inches long:
This can be done with a rotary cutter or scissors. Whatever you have handy. I tried this method out one night and was super excited that it worked.
Here are your 9 squares:
Now its time to die cut! For the Cuttlebug, I sandwich a B plate, the Sizzix die, 2 rectangles over the large die and another B plate, and cut!
(Yes I’ve cut and made a ton of these already. I can’t help myself. Both my B plates look this bad lol)
This is what they look like cut and then pulled apart:

View cut roses

Next we roll, just like any other rosette. This is tough to photograph because you do need both hands to roll these:
When you get to the end:
Time to glue! I use felt glue:
Put the big piece on the bottom and squish it together:
041 042
And that’s it! You’re all done. Admire your beautiful roses:
The possibilities are endless with these.

Love how cute those little roses are!  
Don’t you agree?

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