Top Ten of 2008

I must give credit to my friend Carly for this idea, (and I guess Letterman) but I loved her Christmas letter of top tens so here is the J & C version! Please read:
10. Job cuts in Asheville! Followed by a month plus of hard labor- remodeling, and a sold house, after only 2 showings, with back up offers to boot!!!

9. New callings/responsibilities at church –

2nd counselor in Young Women and
2nd counselor in Young Men and Scout Master! Yikes!

8. Trip to Charleston, South Carolina on the fly! Great food, interesting history, and fabulous architecture! So much fun not having a job for a while.


7. New camera! Seeing the world in a whole new way! Lets go take a million pictures!


6. Moving to Texas, meeting new wonderful people! (And still missing Asheville friends like crazy)

5. Moving up from our puny 1000 square feet to 2200 yeah for room to breathe I guess it’s true everything is bigger in Texas.

4. Our 2008 song of the year “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Callait LOVE IT!!! WATCH THE VIDEO PLEASE- you have got to hear this song! Lucky I’m in love with my Best Friend!


3. Blogging our year away! And joining Facebook (Cheesy- I know) But so nice to find and keep in touch with some old friends!

2. Finishing our adoption application and getting approved to adopt!
1. And to quote Fiddler on the Roof- “Miracle of miracles”
Being 11 weeks pregnant,
sick as a dog and happier than a clam! FINALLY!!!!!
Thank you Father in Heaven for such a blessed year, and all the miracles too!
Here is to the year 2009!
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