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Since we were in town, where most all of our family is, we decided to have Etta’s baby blessing. It was so nice, we had such a great turn out. What a joy to be surrounded by so many of our parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and friends. What a joyful celebration.

It was simple, but nice. We meet in the Relief society room, Justin’s dad conducted the little meeting. We sang Families Can Be Together Forever, one of my favorite hymns and children’s songs. Had an opening prayer, then Justin gave Etta her name and blessing through the Melchizedek priesthood. Then Grandpa K, and Oma shared their feelings, Justin and I shared our thoughts, feelings and testimonies. We closed with I am a Child of God, and a prayer. The spirit was so strong. Grandpa K got “the look”(family joke…) immediately and started all the Comitches crying from the get go. It was glorious.
Then, we went into the cultural hall and ate a huge beautiful potluck. Thanks to all that came, and brought food.

I just want to say right now how much the chance to have my child blessed means to me. I am so lucky to receive this blessed daughter from God. I know that he orchestrated the whole thing. Who could have imagined, that after such a long, arduous climb we would get the thing we most hoped for.

I was talking to my friend Jen, from Asheville today, and she mentioned something she had heard at a recent church meeting that said, – “this life is not the dream”, meaning that the life to come, where we return to live with our Father in Heaven, is the dream.

I have thought a lot about the Atonement that the Savior has made for all of us. That is so essential, that will save my children and family and my gratitude and awe could not be greater. Things change as a parent, (or at least I have) we become more aware of the need we have for God and his plan of happiness that has been so perfectly laid out. We want so much for our children, and our sincerest hope rests with God.
I have always thought of my “dream house” or other stuff like that, but why settle for mortal things that rot and corrupt. It is true this, life is not the dream The dream in is the life to come. The result of our choices today, through trials and life, that will ultimately decide the greatest dream on happiness and that is an Eternal happiness. A happiness that we cannot yet imagine, and a glory beyond description, Free from the hardships of this life. It is an exciting thing to ponder.

My thoughts have also been thinking about why this happened. I truly believe that only after I accepted God’s will and not stubbornly fought for my own, did he let me have what I wanted. It was a hard pill to swallow, and unfortunately it got stuck in my throat for ahem a few years. But, once I accepted my life, the way my prayers had told me it would be, I was blessed. It is an interesting truth, that it is after the trial of our faith that the testimony comes.
Some people handle “it all” (our personal trials, life…) so well, with grace and cheerfulness. I feel like I did fine the first 3-ish years, but then it got really difficult. Hope and faith was a harder burden to bear than just being angry. Until I finally let go of my scheduled plan did things work out. I am not saying that is the answer for everyone, it was my trial and my weaknesses that were being strengthened and refined. And I can honestly say, I have learned to be grateful for the things I have learned, even before I became pregnant, and now a mother.
I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have had time with my Father in Heaven, my husband, family and friends and last but not least my first babies, our cats 😉 to help me along the way. I realize that I will have other trials come to me. They will be hard, and I will have to “learn through them” too. But I must rejoice in this gift, and I am still loving every minute of it, and my thanks to God must be shared.
I don’t know if even half of this rambling made any sense, and it is okay if it didn’t to anyone else but me I just needed to share it.

On with the party pics… (I will blog later about making the blessing dress with my mom and some up close pictures of just that)
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  1. >Even I thought that peach heaven looked delicious, I almost didn't realize I had made that. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I didn't get to hear any of the blessing or subsequent comments and testimonies and Justin mentioned you might have recorded it so if there's anyway I could get a copy, either a transcript through email or something I would love that. I definitely felt the spirit of the meeting but unfortunately was out in the hall the whole time trying to keep Brock from distracting from that said spirit. Anyway, love all the pictures and we all loved the time spent together and getting to finally squish that sweet baby Etta! Kiss her for me and Kayli!