Pool Party

We were not the only ones to come into town that week. My mom’s brother Uncle Paul came to town. So, we headed to “the party house”, my Uncle Von and Aunt Jeanny’s home.

I am not kidding that this is the most fun kid house there is. Their entire basement is an arcade. They have a pool, two trampolines, a hammock and a sledding hill (which doubles as a great spot to eat potluck food). We love heading over there, and it was even more exciting because my nephew McKay got baptized (in the pool), as he just turned 8. They just moved back from Brazil, and since so much family was in town they did it here, pretty exciting.

We also were lucky enough to have our friends Tom and Sara meet us there so we could see them. It was so fun, they have a little girl a few months older than Etta. She knew so many great tricks, rolling over, playing with toys and laughing…. (can’t wait)

Also, there is a picture of my sister Kristen holding Etta. I have to laugh because she has had blond children that look like me, and my child is a brunette that looks like her. (poetic justice?)
And no I didn’t make Etta wear that bonnet all day, she was trying on her blessing bonnet. It totally made me laugh when we put it on her, because she looked a bit like a pioneer grandma, but I can only do it once, right?

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  1. >Dang!! i didn't get into either of the blogs i "participated" in!! haha. i wasn't very present i guess ;D luv you guys!! besos!