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Alissa, from 33 Shades of Green is my guest contributor for today, she has so many great projects, I love everything that I see.  I especially love how this project turned out and it is so simple.  Check it out.  Don’t be surprised if you see this in one of my own bathrooms someday. 

Here’s a super easy idea for a jewelry organizer. 
What you need:
– frames
– cork tiles (the ones I used are actual cork floor tiles I got from work, but you can purchase cork tiles @ Target in the office supply section by the bulletin boards)
– T-pins or other push pins
– metal ruler or straight edge
– utility knife
Remove backing and glass from frame.  Cut cork tiles to size using metal straight edge and utility knife and insert into frame.  Replace backing on frame.  Hang frames, insert pins and display jewelry.  That’s it!  Pretty easy.
If you aren’t crazy about the look of the cork,
simply cover the cork with a piece of fabric before inserting into frame. 
My jewelry organizers are hanging up in my closet.  I really like having the jewelry out – it makes it easy to find what I’m looking for.  This is a really easy project and I think it looks great!
Such a beautiful project!

Be sure to check out her blog.

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  1. >What a great idea! I wonder if something like this would work with wine bottle corks? I have TONS of corks and have been looking for a fairly simple project that I can do with all of them besides a cork board.

  2. >I LOVE IT…and want to do it right this second. unfortunately i'm at work and my husband is currently inforcing a money-spending-ban. BOO! As soon as it is lifted…I will be crafting these lil babies!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. >love this! right now i hang jewelry in empty frames but i like the idea of cork much better. Easy to shift the jewelry around.

  4. >I don't think my jewelry would look as good or color coordinated…what's that you say? I'll need to be some cute jewelry to do this project? You are on…or at least on the list of my wishes for my master bedroom/bath which is in the planning stage.

  5. >So cute….but I agree with the fact that I will just need to go out and buy some more jewelry!

  6. >I had forgotten about this post of Alissa's. I will be bookmarking it for my 14yr old daughter's room. Such a simple a great idea.

  7. >Lovely! I did a similar project and I love staring at it every day. Function and art work.

  8. >These are great. I think everyone is always looking for another simple way to store jewelry and these are great. I need a project for an event later this month and I think I just found it.