What a Grand-momma…

Thanks for coming mom!
We appreciate all you did, and Etta was so happy to meet you, and we were glad to show her off!
We had a very fun visit from Grandma O last week. Mostly we just enjoyed this sweet little baby. Grandma made us healthy food, helped keep the house clean and did all my saved up sewing! Yeah for no more hem repairs.We also started on Etta’s blessing dress, that isn’t finished yet, but just you wait, it is going to be fabulous!
We saw a few things, namely the water gardens and the stock yards and went to a few restaurants that we love (Jersey Mikes, La Madelines and Joe T. Garcia’s). Here are some pictures!
Our tribute to the Little Dutch Boy!
I love to see the Long Horns,
every time I see them I almost commit to never eating beef again.
They are just wonderful creatures.
We love you Oma!

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  1. >Emma and Andrew had such a blast looking at your pictures! Especially, King Tut and Cleocatra!!!! Very cute and glad Grandma Oertle ("Oma") was able to come to visit! LOVE YA! Steph, Em, Andrew