How to Create a Family Schedule to Organize Your Life

How to Create a Family Schedule to Organize Your Life @Tipsaholic

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For most families there are so many lessons, practices, meetings, social events, school activities, sports games and all the other things that keep a family busy it is hard to keep track of it all. Taking the time to make a family schedule can help, and finding just the right system can keep all of it running smoothly. These six tips to create a family schedule can help you put together just the right thing. Then, you and your family can be on your way to a more peaceful and organized life.


  1. Pick the right kind of family schedule for your family.

This is probably the most important step. Since each family is unique, what works for one might not for the other. Getting input from all family members is a great way to figure out what is the right one. Maybe your family is very tech savvy and would like a web based calendar that everyone can access. Or a color coded calendar on the wall might work. Here are a few examples of great family schedules to get ideas flowing.

  1. Keep it simple.

The goal of the family schedule is to keep everyone on the same page and organized. While it could be tempting to add a lot of creativity to this, don’t make the schedule so complicated that you have trouble remembering what it all means. A schedule that is easy to follow and can be read with a quick glance is probably best.

  1. Get the family involved.

If your family is part of both creating and maintaining the family schedule, they will be more likely to follow it. It will help them take ownership of the project, and hopefully they will see the value in it.

  1. Review it often during the day.

Once the family schedule is in place, take time to review it at certain designated points in the day. Evening is a good time, so you can lay out what is needed for the next day, and make plans to getting everything on the schedule accomplished. And with a quick glance in the morning, this will make sure nothing is forgotten.

  1. Add new appointments and activities right away…do not wait.

Keeping all events documented on the family schedule is the key to making it work. By putting everything on the family schedule as soon as it comes up, you can avoid forgetting about something. Hopefully, this will prevent any kinks in the flow of the daily activities.

  1. Evaluate and only keep the most important activities.

Once your family has been using the family schedule for awhile look it over and see how it is working. Since everything is written out it would be easy to see how everyone is spending their day. Ask yourself a few questions: Are too many things being planned? Are the goals of your family being accomplished during the day? Maybe, there is something that you or another family member would rather be doing, and with a little tweaking of the schedule they can do it. By letting the family schedule evolve as needed, it will keep it working for your family.


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