5 Tips for Arranging Flowers From the Garden

5 Tips for Arranging Flowers from the Garden @Tipsaholic

5 tips for arranging garden flowers via Tipsaholic

Starting months ago, you planned your garden, planted it, and helped everything grow. After that hard work, you are rewarded with beautiful plants and flowers in your own yard. Now you are only need to take a few steps out your door to find flowers perfect for making centerpieces, bouquets and other indoor arrangements. Here are five tips for arranging flowers from the garden.

Plan Ahead

When creating your garden, be sure to select annuals and perennials that are good for cuttings. A few examples of flowers, perfect for using in arrangements, are marigolds, gladiolus, iris, peony, black-eyed susan, and, of course, roses. Also plant enough blooms to maintain a good amount outdoors after a few are harvested for the indoors.

Select Interesting Containers

Since these are flowers from your garden, think beyond a vase when picking what type of container to display the arrangements. A glass jar, bucket, or pitcher can be good choices. Even a boot or box could be selected. Just add a smaller clear glass vase inside to hold the flowers and protect the item from any water damage.

Create Color Combinations and Texture

Picking the right flower combination can give you the look you are after. Using all one type of flower in an arrangement can look very classy; or select different flowers of all the same color for a monochromatic look. Consider adding a pop of color with a few blooms in a contrasting color to add interest to a bouquet. Be sure to select flowers that are growing at different stages, even including a few buds.  Also, include non-floral items like branches or leaves for added texture.

Vary the Heights

Before placing the flowers in your container, remove from the stem any foliage that will be below the water line. Then cut the steams so they are at varying heights, placing the tallest blossom in the bouquet towards the middle, and working your way out with the shortest at the edge of the container. A few blooms can even hang over the edge.

Enjoy the Process

Remember this is something fun and creative and not an exact science. Don’t be afraid to play around with different foliage, flowers and vases when creating an arrangement of flowers from the garden.


Photo source: Better Homes and Gardens


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