8 Ideas for a Stylish Ceiling

Your ceilings don’t have to be boring! Instead of painting them white like everyone else, why not try something different for your fifth wall? Check out these 8 stylish ceiling ideas and get some inspiration to decorate your ceiling in a way that makes you smile!


1. Paint a ceiling medallion around a light fixture. (picture: slide 1)

If you have a beautiful pendant, show it off by painting a medallion to highlight the light. You could always hire a local painter to do the mural if you’re not confident in your painting skills. This painted ceiling medallion is a breathtaking sight that will leave a lasting impression on guests.


2. Paint the ceiling a fun color. (picture: slide 2)

Try a bold color to add a shot of happiness to an otherwise neutral and modern space. The teal blue ceiling in this gorgeous kitchen gives the room an unexpected touch that I just love. This is one of the easiest ceiling ideas listed here, but be warned, painting the ceiling is not a fun thing to do. However, the results are always so worth it.


3. Write text on the ceiling. (picture: slide 3)

This room is a beautiful example of how a body of text can add interest to a room. I think this ceiling treatment works the best in a bedroom where you can get really personal. Find a piece of poetry or a love letter and add it to your ceiling and then you can lay in your bed and read your favorite words as you drift into sweet slumber.


4. Put decals on the ceiling in an eye-catching pattern. (picture: slide 4)

This nursery just POPS thanks to the yellow triangle decals covering the ceiling. Here’s another awesome nursery with star decals on the ceiling. Don’t limit yourself to kids rooms for this ceiling idea, though! These cute dot decals would look really great on the ceiling in a bathroom, a crafting room, or, yes, a little girl’s room.


5. Decorate your ceiling with bronze nailhead trim. (picture: slide 5)

Nailhead trim looks great on furniture, but who knew how amazing it could look on a ceiling? Not me, but I’m convinced. Draw out a pattern, nail in your design, and admire your work!


6. Warm up a room by adding a wood ceiling. (picture: slide 6)

You could use reclaimed wood or stained wood boards to create a wood ceiling that will add lots of character to a room.


7. Install a beam and panel ceiling. (picture: slide 7)

Yes, you can actually install a beam and panel ceiling yourself! (See how here.) If you already have a coffered ceiling, here’s a great way to add architectural interest to your room.


8. Vault the ceiling. (picture: slide 8)

Yes, this is the most extreme of the ceiling ideas listed here, but if you’re remodeling a small, older house with low ceilings, vaulting the ceiling might be a great way to make the inside look so much bigger.


Make looking up fun and add some interest to your ceilings!


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Featured image courtesy of Decor Pad.

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