White Refinished Rocking Chair

White Refinished Rocking Chair
party highlight by Camelot Art Creation

As a child “Little Women” was one of my favorite books. That’s why I have named her “Joe.” I wish I had this little beauty then. Just picture yourself as a little girl reading you favorite book rocking away on her.


Let me remind you of what she looked like “before”

It pained me some to paint an Antique, but I could see modern beauty in her as white.

I did some light distressing on the edges since she is an Antique:-) But I didn’t want to much. I had planed on putting a glaze on her but the fabric I chose didn’t really seem to be a fit with glaze??

I am soooooo in LOVE with little “Joe” 
I will be selling her though:-( Next week I will be posting where I plan on selling all my refurbished furniture. And I will post a tutorial of thetransformation of her.

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  1. >WOW! What a big difference. You are so talented to see the after that could be in that not so charming before! I just dont have that kind of vision!!

  2. >This is brilliant…I never thought about re-doing the seat like that! I always pass by things that need re-caning. Not any more! Great job!

  3. >PLEASE post a tutorial when you get a chance! I bypassed a rocking chair that looked just like this today at Salvation Army. You did a gorgeous job!