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I have seen this done in magazines and even have a few examples in my tear files, so I was excited when Angela of Unexpected Elegance sent over her version of this great TV stand, check it out:

art easel tv2

I love interesting pieces…something that sets my house apart from every other house on the block. I think I might have inherited this gene from my grandmother, because growing up she had a barbers chair in her living room. Anyway, I had been looking for a way to change the living room up a little bit and came across this T.V. easel at Restoration Hardware. I thought it was perfect, but I couldn’t afford it and my loving husband wouldn’t allow me to purchase it, understandable! So, I lived with my wall mounted t.v. above a big cabinet. It took up a whole wall.

My brother is an art student and he called one day and said the Art Department was throwing out all their old easels. Of course, I made him save me one and my parents, who live in Texas, graciously brought it on their last visit. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to hang it, but I found a cheap wall bracket at Ikea for $29.99 that worked perfectly.

My parents helped me mount it and hide all the cords. Then I just cut some scrap wood to make two little shelves on the bottom to hold the components. I cleaned it up, but left all the paint and character alone. I think it turned out great! My husband is still not completely convinced, but he does admit it is a one of kind piece.

The paint brush tray just happens to hold our three remotes perfectly!

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Isn’t it inventive, functional and beautiful?  
Love it completely!
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  1. >hmmmm I think I lost my first comment to you.
    I love what you did with the easel! That is perfect especially for someone who loves things a bit different (as I do). Love it! Great job and with the help of both brother and parents.
    Hope you are having a great day

  2. >This is fabulous!!! =) I am an artist and love to paint so I truly heart this idea. I suppose I will now be on the look out for an easel myself! I actually like the "used" look better than the new one on the website. It has more character! =)