10 Classy PVC Projects

Hey everyone, it’s Corey again from Sawdust2Stitches.  If someone would have asked me a year ago, what I envisioned when I heard “PVC project”,  I would have described a  white structure,  with pink or black words, and  it was probably  used as some form of garage organization.

I am  here  to tell you, it’s simply not the case anymore!  Take a  gander at these projects and see if you aren’t convinced otherwise too.

Classy  PVC remodelaholic

10 Classy PVC Projects

Industrial Style Shelving

   The  possibilities are  truly limitless with this basic idea.  Do you have a odd size space that you  are stumped on ?  Give this industrial shelving a try,  it is easily customizable and so much less expensive than using metal pipes!  You can see the full tutorial here by Sawdust 2 Stitches on Remodelaholic.


Children’s Ladder

Over at Everyday Organizing she uses  PVC pipe to create an adorable ladder to access a nook in her children’s bedroom.  Not only is it functional and cheap, it adds tons of character to the space!

 PVC Curtain Rod

At  Our Vintage Home  they cleverly use pvc as a curtain rod on their  patio.   Add a little bit of copper spray  paint and you have the appearance of high end designer rods.


Ceiling Mount Bed Canopy

This is one of my very first PVC  projects.  Would you ever  guess that  this beautiful  bed canopy was made for as little as $20.00 ? ! You can read more about how to make your own PVC bed canopy over on Sawdust 2 Stitches (or see more DIY bed canopies here).

bed canopy ss

Stairway Light Fixture

Once   I got on  my PVC kick it was  kind of hard to stop!   I wanted  a unique fixture in my  stair well, and PVC was just the ticket!  You can see more images on Sawdust 2 Stitches.


Faux Capiz Shell Ceiling Light

A Happy Place Called Home had the same brilliant idea (featured here on Remodelaholic),  and used PVC in her light fixture.  It looks like it should  be displayed at West Elm with a jaw dropping price tag attached. Would you have ever guessed that it was a DIY ?!


PVC Playhouse

I just love this!  Instead of disguising the PVC with spray paint,  this project covers the entire PVC structure!   To see more images of this space you can head on over to the Ginger Bread House .


Outdoor Canopy

Another  great  feature of PVC is it  weathers well!  No need to worry about it deteriorating or breaking down due to weather.  Look at this luxurious outdoor sanctuary over at Sunset.


Baby Gate from PVC

What about this ? !  Would you ever  guess it is PVC ?  If you have young children this is a must see/read!  You can read more about  how they made this children’s gate over at Snugasabugbaby.


Have I  changed how you see PVC yet ? There are are literally  hundreds of free PVC plans available online! Imagine what you can do with a can of spray paint and a new out look on PVC.

Take this tutorial for example: Instructables Don’t you love the lines of this table ?!

PVC Dining Table

While this table looks awesome with the exposed PVC, there are many homes that would benefit from  being able to change the colors to match their home.  I  can just see this with Oil Rub Bronzed legs, and a plank top.  The possibilities are limitless!

pvc desk

How about this one !?  Can’t you  just  see it ? …. Are you starting to  look at PVC a little differently ?

(Sorry,  I can’t  track down the original source for this one. If you know it, please let me know!)

pallet  pvc

If I  can impart any words of wisdom  from this post it would be this:  PVC doesn’t need to look like PVC.  It is CHEAP, it’s strong, durable, and easily customizable!  So next time you are stumped.  Consider PVC,  it will blow your mind!

 Take Luck,



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  1. I can’t get the how to for the stairway light made of PVC from either sight they just keep switching pages the link u have posted takes you to her page and then the link she has in her post takes you right back to your with instructions on neither that I can find

  2. Is it PVC or EMT (electrical conduit)? I dont see making a ladder out of flimsy plastic, rather out of sturdier steel piping.

      1. The ladder doesn’t seem like it would be strong enough made out of PVC.
        Electrical Conduit would be safer and agreed with others, a lot of these look like heavier piping than PVC…

  3. I just love that PVC dining tabel at the end!
    Just wish there were more pics of it & how it’s built….

    With my abilities, all I need are some good pics of the underside of that table & I can build it!

    Looks beautiful!!

    TY for sharing all these wonderful ideas Ms.Decker!! : )

      1. Ms.Decker:
        TY for the information & the quick reply.

        After reading almost every DIY project listed on this website, I have been informed by the boss(my lovely wife of 15 yrs) that I have a lot of work to do. LOL
        TY again, for everything.

        GOD less.

      2. It makes a good frugal/ low money solution. I would think you could buy all the PVC for $20 and find a door to put on top.

  4. I haven’t found directions to make an adult pvc chair that matches the childs chair. With the “sling” type and not the cushion. If it’s adaptable from the childs, how large PVC do you think would work?