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 how to make a mirrored dresser from an old dresser tutorial (8)
This is one of my favorite furniture transformations to date. From Teresa at Andersen Seven, she took an old dresser and an old mirror and honestly made magic happen.    I am so doing this… on something!  Just wait and see how she made this mirrored dresser!
old mirror
how to make a mirrored dresser from an old dresser tutorial (1)
Remember these guys- They are now very good friends {I received two old dressers from Libby- this is not the one that I used. Couldn’t find the before picture {my computer crashed last week, and I’m still trying to find everything…but the dresser looked just like this one in every-way, except the top drawers were different.}
What I did-
  • Saved the mirror- which was cut into pieces to fit the dresser- $20
  • Painted the dresser- Ralph Lauren- Regent Metallics- silver Base
  • Purchased simple handles for $15
  • Glued the mirror to the dresser using- Liquid Nails- Mirror adhesive ( in the silver and gold tube}
  • Dresser- free from Libby

Here is a step by step look:

how to make a mirrored dresser from an old dresser tutorial (2)
how to make a mirrored dresser from an old dresser tutorial (3)

how to make a mirrored dresser from an old dresser tutorial (4)

 Applying the glue- mirror next
And here is another one with Emma in it….just because she is so cute.
 how to make a mirrored dresser from an old dresser tutorial (5) how to make a mirrored dresser from an old dresser tutorial (6) how to make a mirrored dresser from an old dresser tutorial (7) how to make a mirrored dresser from an old dresser tutorial (8)
One more piece done.
Tips–  Save all your old mirrors, you never know when, or how you will use them.  I asked my glass guy how much it would have cost me if I didn’t have my own mirror.  He said somewhere between  $80 and $150. More if you wanted the ends beveled.
So if you are doing a bathroom redo and it has a big piece of mirror in it…SAVE IT!  if you don’t want it, I will take it off your hands.  =)
I have some fun ideas for the top of the dresser….I just put a few items on it for now….so it didn’t look so bare.
 I have always had a thing for mirrored buffets and side tables they are just so SNAZZY.  (Is that a cheesy word! I need to say it again … sn-a–zzy!)  
I am dreaming of all the options for this, cause GUESS WHAT, our friends had a wall in their house that was covered in mirrors, and they removed them and gave them to us… SO I have yet another few projects on my very long list calling my name… but they might just cut in line, now that my imagination is going!  Thanks Teresa for letting me share this project!
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  1. Thanks for all the kind comments about the dresser here are some answers to your questions-
    1. I had the mirror cut at a glass shop in my town….a place that repairs windows and works with glass. Home depot and lowes do not cut glass.
    2. He charged me per cut….plan ahead how you want it cut….take a paper pattern with you- this will save on unwanted cuts.
    3. He also drilled the holes for me, I’m sure he has a special drill for that….the knobs are just attached through the holes with the hardware that come with the knobs, plus I added some rubber spacers . I bought the knobs at Home Depot.
    4. The glass is not beveled….that cost more…I just had him smooth the edges some.

    I hope this helps to answers your questions…thanks for all the Happy comments.

  2. Thanks Everyone for your kind comments about my mirrored dresser. Here are some answers to the questions you had.
    1. I had the glass cut at a glass and mirror shop in my small town. Most towns have one…look for shops that fix broken windows.
    2. He charged me per cut….so I was careful in how I had him cut it to keep the cost down. Using as much of the outer edges as possible. I came with a paper pattern for him to follow.
    3. He also drilled the holes for me. I attacked the knobs through the holes that he drilled using the hardware that came with the knobs and a few extra rubber spacers in the back.
    4. I did not have him bevel the mirror, that cost more….I did have him smooth the edges though. Lucky for me the dresser had side insets so the mirror was cut to fit inside the sides. On the top I just had him cut the mirror a little short so the wood of the dresser you would come in contact with first.
    Hope that helps….have a wonderful day.

  3. Hi, I absolutely LOVE this dresser idea, I just need to know how you got the knobs hole space in the mirror with out it cracking?!

  4. LOVE these type of projects. I refinished a nightstand this same way. Used mirrored acrylic instead of the real thing since I didn’t have any laying around.

  5. I did this to an old POC 80s book shelf/drop down desk/drawer cabinet thingy and I love it! BUT… I used RECLAIMED builder-grade salvaged mirror and the glass place charged me **$100** to cut the mirror (only 3 long thin rectangles) HOW did u get our drive for $20??