How To Build Faux Dresser Murphy Bed DIY


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 M … is for Murphy Bed and it is finally finished and installed! Can I get a Woo Hoo?!

I have been asked quite a few times if I had finished my Murphy Bed, and the resounding answer is … Yes!


DIY Murphey Bed Faux Dresser

Let me take you back in time, if I may. I found a Murphy Bed plan on Ana White’s website ( and thought, “I can make that!” I need an extra bed in the guest room for the little ones that come visit and this seemed to be the perfect solution. So began the “journey”…

Making the frame was the easiest part of the process for me, even though I had to adjust the plans to make it sideways instead of up and down.

Before I could attach it to the wall, I needed to paint the room. I had been wanting to do it since we moved in 3 years ago. It was a Salmon color … but I will tell you all about that later in another post :)

Focus Bj, Focus

This is the step that everything fell apart for me! I had this amazing idea (I thought I was going to wow the web world with my brilliance … HA!) I was going to do a decoupage of Paper bags and these really pretty napkins for the added color. I had the bags already and the napkins I got on sale. Woo Hoo, watch me go!

It seemed like a good idea at the time. If you look at this picture… you might even be impressed. Briefly. In a small area it was really pretty. This process by the way … takes FOREVER! I cannot tell you the amount of time that it took! Wrinkle up the paper just to lay it out flat again. Ugh! I try not to think of it as wasted time but, “as a learning experience”. :)

This bed front wasn’t turning out as I had hoped. I had in my mind’s eye what it would look like and this was not it! So I changed plans. DIY people need to think on their feet and change ideas when needed. At least that is what I do :) I found this upholstery fabric at Goodwill for $1.99 and it was just what I wanted. It had that Chevron feel and the colors were perfect for the Guest room.

Decoupage to the rescue again … This time to adhere the fabric to the bed front.

I wanted this bed to look like a dresser as it was going to be on it’s side, and there isn’t a  dresser in the room. I will show you the whole room later … but the short version is, I have a luggage rack for guests. (Just like a Hotel) :) I attached drawer handles on the top two spaces to look like drawers. It also helps with opening and closing.

I stenciled the corners of the top “drawers” and then added the

lock. I do not want little ones getting hurt. (I still need to spray paint the lock a bronze color so that it matches the room.)

I attached the front portion of the bed with 4 door hinges.

I ended up getting a twin mattress and of course covered it with a mattress cover. Waterproof!

Are you ready for the big reveal?!


I love it! And it works too. I kid you not!!! I already used it just to see, and it is so comfortable.

So … comments? questions? observations? Share your thoughts with me.


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  1. says

    I love this idea!! My boys just moved out and we took over their room for an exercise room, but I would like to have a place for them to come stay once in a while. This would fit the bill!! We have the slanted walls upstairs, and they are unable to accommodate a vertical version of the Murphy bed. I love how you made it look like a dresser. KUDOS!!

    • says

      Our kids are grown now too but it is great for the little ones that come back with their parents to visit. (They usually want to sleep close to their parents) As they grow it will be the kids room where they can have slumber parties with their cousins :) Build away!!!

    • Maryellen Miller says

      I love this. However, I need a full size bed. I wonder if the mattres would be to heavy on its side? But I love it. What do you think?

  2. says

    That looks great! I covered a table with paper bags and love it. It was a bit time consuming…mostly drying time. Looks like leather. Love how you made your bed look like a dresser.

    • says


      Obviously, I should have read your blog on the “how to” :) I am happy with this look for my room. It fits in well :)

  3. says

    That is so cool! I don’t have a guest bedroom yet, but when we do buy a house, I’ve been thinking that Perhaps my craft room might have to double as a guest bedroom (I also want to have a couple other beds stashed around the place that don’t take up room full-time, as I have a lot of family), and this would be just excellent! Is that a full-size twin bed? It looks shorter to me. Could just be the picture.

  4. Liss says

    I absolutely love it and I sure want one myself. Did you anchored the frame on the wall? Does the “drawer handles” scratched your floors when the bed is down? How did you anchored the mattress to the movable door?

    • says

      I did anchor the bed to the wall, yes, to the wall studs. The handles are on the carpet and no problem. Because it fits so well I do not have to anchor it. It opens with the door. Look at the picture before I put the mattress on and you will see that there is a piece of wood on the back side that it rests on :)

      • RoxanneB says

        so this is wonderful & efficient in so many ways, thank you for this idea, but how would the handles work on hard wood & how could it lay flat or would there need to be little legs somehow?

  5. Cyndi says

    This is awesome! I totally need to do this when my daughters leave for college and I re-claim my craft room!

  6. Jacki says

    Love it! I have a M-bed in my office and wouldn’t want to be without it. The ‘dresser’ looks fantastic! Great job~

  7. says

    I love this idea!

    I have a full size bed in my guest room and it seems to take up all the space.
    I wonder how it would look as a full.

    do the handles you installed not hit the ground and cause the front to not be flush?

    • says

      I didn’t keep track but my guess is about $100.00. (Not counting the mattress and bedding) The front is plywood (formaldehyde free from Home Depot), Pine wood, door hinges, and 1.99 for the material. I had the stain already along with the clear poly. Great questions!

  8. mercy says

    This is a fantastic idea, the project turned out great! I will be pinning this for future reference. Good job!!

  9. LU says

    I love this it looks great. But are any of those outlets electrical? Switch to solid ones so its safer for your young guests!

    • says

      One of the outlets is electrical and as you can tell they have the childproof guards on them. The younger grand babies sleep on the big bed with child railings and the older ones will sleep on the Murphy bed. Good to use child safety and a good reminder to talk about it! Thank you.

  10. says

    ok … I just have to thank all the rest of you that didnt have questions but had such sweet comments! You all are the Best!!! and I so appreciate all of your comments!

  11. Trisha says

    Hi, fantastic idea!!

    I haven’t seen anything like it! Everywhere I look I see $300+ for the hinge set to have it swing out on its own! This a a great idea and no need to spend so much!

    Quick question: would you kind posting your measurements so we don’t have to recreate the wheel (or Murphy, in this case!)

    Thank you again for posting!


  12. Marlene says

    Love the bed but I need to make one that goes vertical for a very small room. I have 10 foot ceilings and would like to incorporate legs so that it is not on the floor. Anyone have any ideas???

  13. Heidi says

    I would love measurements as well. I absolutely love the idea that you made it to look like a dresser!! Pure genius! Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Nicole says

    I absolutely love this idea! I want to build one for my room in my sorority house in the fall. My only qualm is you said you anchored it to the wall. How unstable do you think it would be if it weren’t attached? Also, to what extent did you modify your design from the original? Thanks so much for sharing your handiwork.

  15. Cheryl says

    I think this is an awesome idea. I, as do many others, need one for my craft room. But, alas, I need measurements. Can’t make stuff the right way without them. Care to share? Thanks, Cheryl :)

  16. hilda pritchard says

    I really love this bed… I just don’t understand how you got it leveled when it is open. I see the hinges and so maybe the handles are about the same height on that end so that the platform is level when open. Sorry, I just don’t have much vision for some things. You did an excellent job and lots of ingenuity. I bookmarked your site.

  17. says

    Super idea! I’ve been wanting to put a murphy bed in my spare room, but to buy one is waaaay out of my price range. This looks like something I could do. Love how you made it look like a dresser! :)

  18. says

    I loved this idea. I had always wanted a murphy bed and my wife was so against it until I showed how creative you made it. Was a wonderful weekend project to do with the wife. Theres not spot to show my picture of what i did or else i would post it. We used a full mattress so tweaked some things a bit but its fantastic.

  19. Linda says

    Love Love This, expecting family for Christmas. This is just what I need. Been checking back
    for the measurements? Please Help

  20. Don says

    So, it looks like the bed just sits on the floor once lowered. I like the dresser idea but don’t want guests to sleep on the floor. If I wanted that, I would just use an inflatable bed. The other concern is the length of the dresser. It would need to be 80 inches( 6′ 8). That’s one long dresser. I guess I can’t have it all. It has to be vertical or one long horizontal dresser. I sure like your idea a lot, it just needs to be off the floor somehow.

  21. Jennifer says

    WOW! The other sites make it out to be a difficult project requiring a lot of tools but you did it effortlessly! Well, except for the decoupage! LOL I have to say that your version looks MUCH nicer than the other sites I saw! Great job and thanks for the inspiration!!

  22. Patricia Boyd says

    Woo Hoo!!! This is beautiful!! It is exactly what we were looking for for our grandson. You did a wonnderful job on this bed and I love your ideas.

  23. Kaitlynn says

    This is a BRILLIANT idea! My husband and I are moving into a new home and this will definitely be one of our first projects. I just repinned this. Thank you so much for the idea!

  24. Ashley says

    I’ve been planning on doing a murphy bed on it’s side for a dresser for years! I want to do a queen size and when Anna posted the plans I was excited for someone to help make it easier for me. However, I noticed you still had to buy the expensive hardware for the beds and so we never built it. Did you buy the specialty hardware? I don’t see it anywhere. Would I be able to get away with not using it on a queen size since it’s on it side too? I love the idea of the lock, I wondered how I was going to keep it safe for my kids. I’m definitely going to include a lock! Thanks so much! I’m glad I saw this post!

  25. Julia says

    Hey there,
    I’m really impressed by your murphy bed. I am about to build one, too.
    I’ve got a question concerning the two handles.
    Can’t they be traced through the front portion? Don’t they lift the whole thing up?
    How did you handle that?
    Thank so much beforehand

  26. Kalimah Yusuf says

    This looks absolutely amazing. Its a great idea, especially if you have limited space. I love it and I will try it once I move. Thanks so much.

  27. Carmen Gonzales says

    this is such an awsome idea…thanks for posting…it looks amazing….love that you made it look like a dresser and put the mirror over it…great job…congratulations!

  28. Stacey Cleveland says

    I love the horizontal! It would work so much better in my guest room this way. Do you have your cut list? I am afraid I will mess up royally if I try to come up with it myself :)

  29. Jansen Lee says

    Its obvious, this is an earlier post from the year, but I had a question about how it lies on the ground with the handles and lock. It looks like it almost lays flush, so I am wondering what you do to counter this? You specifically that is. I realize there are ways around, but I like the idea of it being flush on the ground. I am looking to do this for a permanent setup for my daughters new room.

  30. Brigitte says

    You could have taken this a little step further and built a base under the cabinet so that when you flipped out the bed it was off the floor.
    I love the ideal and how you make it all go together. Very nice!!

  31. Marlena says

    Hi BJ,

    Do you have the mattress attached to the slab in any way? Just wondering if the mattress shifts as the door is open…. Looks fabulous!


  32. Dorothy says

    I love it! I wish my grand kids were still young -but I’ll pass this along to my daughter who has need for grand kid space. Thanks

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