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Hi Guys! This is Kristin from Postbox Designs and I’m so happy to be back again this month to share an all-exclusive Mood Board created just for the Remodelaholic readers! Being an interior designer, I create custom Mood Boards as part of my E-Design package for my clients. But today I want to share with you how a Mood Board came to life for a real client!

Lately I have had more and more people ask for tips on how to create a Home Office. Maybe because more of us are working from home, or starting businesses, or people just want a pretty spot to pay the bills. But a Home Office should not only be uber organized, but also a lovely place to look at, so you want to spend time there. 

So… you have to wait just a few minutes before the big reveal! First let’s talk about some tips on HOW to pull together the perfect Home Office. 

Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Office

TIP #1: Start with your foundation.

You can create a desk in the smallest of spaces, but if you have 4’-5′ of space to work with, that gives you a great starting point. Think outside the box: in my home office I used a small dining table that I found on Craiglist when I couldn’t find a desk I loved. You could also give an antique piece a whole new look by painting it a bright pop of color. For a more rustic look, try a piece of butcher block or plywood over metal legs. Or, I love the idea of using a simple shelf like in this office (just be sure to properly secure it!):


Home Office How To Postbox Designs

The Every Girl

TIP #2: Add something decorative.

Even if it serves no other purpose than to just be pretty, find something gorgeous that serves as eye candy for you, and keep it out on your desk. I always work better in a spot that inspires me, and makes me WANT to sit there and work. You will want to spend more time at your desk if you actually enjoy sitting there!

Home Office How To Postbox Designs

West Elm

TIP #3:  Go vertical.

Take advantage of the wall space above your desk. But, what should you add in this space?

Use it for decorative art. Add a pop of color or show your personality by adding art above your desk work. Whether you frame your prints, tack them onto the wall, or hang them as a garland…this can be a revolving decorative statement. This is an easy way to swap out the look of your office when you need some new inspiration!

Use it for inspiration. Tack up inspirational images or written out goals you have for your business or life. I’m an interior designer, so I always have paint strips and fabric samples in my office. A  cork board above my desk would be a great place to keep these as I’m working on a client project.

Use it to stay organized. While I can’t live without my Google calendar on my Iphone, I love having a visual reminder of my day too. Hang a paper calendar, or keep your running To Do list as a constant reminder. In this desk, they actually hung their file folders in their vertical space:

Home Office How To Postbox Designs



TIP #4: Organization is key.

Before you start scrolling through gorgeous home office photos on Pinterest, think about the function YOU need. You might think that cute little office with the chalkboard is adorable, but will YOU use it? Would a paper calendar be helpful or will you completely ignore it? Think about the purpose of your desk, and the items you need to function. Here are four items I like to incorporate into my desk area:

Lidded Storage Boxes: These can store anything from important papers to corralling desk supplies. Organize by theme (bills, client projects, etc.), or keep things like extra printer ink tucked away in something beautiful.

Tray or Bin: These are a great place to group together your office supplies. Staples or paper clips may not be sexy, but is is nice to be able to find one when you need it! On the same note, pencils and pens can be grouped together and look good enough to be left out. See some of our favorite trays here. This office uses a sleek white tray to group together their little items:


Home Office How To Postbox Designs

Western Living Magazine


“Magazine Holders”: These work well to corral folders or papers that you can access easily. I love how little space they take up on a desk.

 Inbox: I love using one of these to TEMPORARILY store more urgent papers and reminders. These should be short term items that need to be addressed in the next week or two. This helps cut down on the infamous piles of papers that can render your desk useless! But you have to be diligent-once you follow up with your item, toss it or store it…otherwise your “inbox” just because another storage site! I created this triple homework desk for my three kids, and this wire bin works as the spot they drop their homework to do, or forms that need to be signed.


Home Office How To Postbox Designs

Postbox Designs

TIP #5: Add a Light.

Remember when your mom used to tell you not to study in dim light? Well, she was right! Task lighting is super important in a desk area. If you happen to have an overhead light, here is a great place to swap it out for something amazing. Check out this tutorial of how to update your boring lighting HERE. Otherwise, invest in a desk lamp. There are so many gorgeous options out there, so find one that is functional but also matches your style.

Home Office How To Postbox Designs


TIP #6: Triple your space with shelves.

If you have a small area for a desk, you want to give yourself as much work space as possible. I know when I work, my messes tend to spread and take over the desk! Go for shallow, airy shelves: 6-12” deep usually work perfectly. Just adding one simple shelf increased the storage space in my very own home office.

In fact, see how I created the entire office for just $250 HERE!

Tips For A Home Office That Is Beautiful And Functional @Remodelaholic

But back to the Home Office of the day…a Rustic Meets Glam Home Office Mood Board. This is the type of style that could work for a male or female…just go a little more glam for a girl and a little more rustic for our gentleman counterparts! If you see something you love, just click on the links below and buy away to make your own perfect office! But you want to see what it looks like it real life?? Here it is!

For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links, which allow us to continue providing you lots of decorating and DIY ideas at no cost to you. Learn more here.

Home Office How To Mood Board by Postbox Designs


1: Mirror  2: Rug  3: Stationary  4: Lamp  5: Paint 

6: Tape Dispenser  7: Tray  8: Wall Art  9: Desk   

10: Gold Vase (similar to shown)   11: White Vase 

I started off with some rustic elements like this wood and metal desk (which comes in at a fantastic price point!), and added in some distressed elements like a metal caddy. Then to add the glam to it, I added in layers of polished AND matte gold. This lamp has an industrial look to it but still comes in glam with the gold finish.

Home Office How To by Postbox Designs

These succulents are faux so you don’t have to think a thing about them! They add of bit of that fun that we talked about in the above tips. Same with this adorable bulldog tape dispenser…he just makes me smile. And if you really, really want the full Home Office feel, there is nothing like personalized stationary. In fact, my client also requested a custom wax seal for his stationary…how Downton Abbey!

Home Office How To by Postbox Designs

This rustic top is simple and gives plenty of space to spread out papers. I love to add an inexpensive printable to any room so I love this office inspired print…”Like A Boss”. It is just reminding you of your awesomeness.

Home Office How To by Postbox Designs

In this case I simply leaned the new gold mirror against the wall, but if you want to hang it on the wall, you could add in a few framed photos or artwork to create simple Gallery Wall above it.

Home Office How To by Postbox Designs

Postbox Designs

And finally, I put this graphic rug under his adjacent seating area (where he hosts company meetings and entertains guests), A similar black and white graphic rug is shown on this Mood Board. So there you go! This Mood Board came to life in this Home Office renovation. If you like this glam Home Office look, here are two different neutral glam Home Offices I created over on my blog-one is a Splurge and one is the Budget version. Find it all HERE:

Home Office How To by Postbox Desgins

If you love this office but is is a touch over your budget, I re-created it for a fraction of the cost! Here is the version that will cost you a tad less. You can also found out how to recreate this gold and neutral desk area HERE:

Home Office How To by Postbox Desgins

I would love to hang with you more than once a month, so you can find me over on FACEBOOK where I share oodles of free design ideas and tips. Or if you like to see real client projects and behind the scene photos, we can play over on INSTAGRAM! And finally, if you just want to get loads of inspiration, follow me over on PINTEREST, start with my Home Office board!

Postbox Designs Home Office Mood Board by Postbox Designs

See product sources above

Thanks so much to the whole Remodelaholic team for letting me share with you all today. Let’s meet up again here next month!



Home Office How To by Postbox Designs

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  1. I hit the mother lode when I found you. So many ideas to see to get us thinking. I just lost my printer and am saving every recipe, stencil, picture until I can get a new one. The Cannon is small and jazzy. Would make me smile each time I would look at it.