Get This Look: Shared Home Office and Homework Station

A home office is a must if you work from home, even occasionally. A homework station is fantastic for keeping your kids and their supplies and schedules organized for school. Combine the two in a fun and colorful shared home office that will keep both the adults and the kids in your house happy. (image via Better Homes and Gardens)

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Get This Look - Colorful Shared Home Office and Homework Station - 7 Tips from Remodelaholic

7 Ideas for a Shared Home Office for Kids and Adults

1. Get Organized in a Big Way

When you have multiple schedules and important papers that need to be visible, you need a big organizer. A large bulletin board, white board, or chalk board can do the trick. Get a look like the one in our inspiration image by altering this DIY pegboard wall organizer to hold a message board instead.

2. Decorate For You Both

Finding a decorating style that pleases both you and your kids can be a task, so try getting the kids involved in a DIY project to let them express their individuality. Let them choose the fabrics for a fun modern pattern applique curtains, or go one step farther and hand them the markers and let the drapes be their canvas!

3. Add Interest AND Function

The wainscoting with the ledge along one wall adds architectural interest to the room while giving your littles a place to store small supplies, like playdoh, tape, or colored pencils. Learn how to install the a top ledge on wainscoting here, and browse 25+ wainscoting styles here.

4. Add Wall Storage

Small, low-profile wall baskets near your workspace allow you to keep things close at hand without taking up valuable desktop space. Try this wall-mount magazine rack or this wire mail basket with hooks to organize your space.

5. Make The Desk Work For You

If you already have a great desk, you’re set! But if you need one, it can be hard finding one that fits your space and your budget. We love our 2-person computer desk (free plans, too!) but if you’re looking for a different style that will take less time and tools, start with a filing cabinet (or two) as your base. Add a pre-made table top or counter top and some pre-made legs, and you’re all set!

6. Differentiate Seating

If you want to encourage your kids to concentrate on their homework, it helps to have a comfortable seat that’s the proper height. And you need a chair that’s right for you, too — slouching at your workspace can cause back pain, and no one wants that. Hunt around at thrift stores for chairs that will work for the heights that your family needs.

7. Brighten It Up

I love adding color to a room with a bright rug! The rug in this room combined with the bright blue walls makes the space fun, without being SO fun that no one can get any work done. 😉 If you’re searching for colorful rugs that won’t break the bank, we have loved our rugs from Wayfair — we have one in our living room (and another one which was in the living room and moved to another room), and one in my daughter’s room that we added our own flair to. Wayfair does awesome daily sales, so join their mailing list or check out their clearance section to snatch up some great deals!

Update: Bonus! We’ve had lots of questions about that cute little dachshund statue by the window. We searched around, and it looks like it is actually a lamp (for cute!!) which you can purchase here on Amazon (in several different colors)

Colorful Shared Home Office and Homework Station | 7 Tips from #getthislook #organized #sharedoffice

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  1. Love the room; it looks functional while being a space that I’d want to be in. What first caught my eye, though, is the cute dachshund; where did you find it?

    1. Hi Melissa — this photo is actually from our friends over at Better Homes and Gardens (but I wish this was my office!). I’m not absolutely certain about the dachshund, but it looks like this cute lamp that I found over on Amazon: It looks like the cord may be tucked behind, or perhaps just not even being used since it’s so cute on its own! Hope that helps!