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The home office is a tricky space to design. It has to be functional, but we all want the space to look great and fit our style, too. And many times a home office is just part of a spare bedroom or another room, so space is at a premium! I loved redesigning my home office (and I love working in it now!), and I think that simplicity and shelving really were the key there. I’ve got a few tips for you to get organized and create a look similar to mine and like this easy home office. If you have home office organizing tips, I’d love to hear them — leave us a comment! You can also check out more great office ideas over on my Pinterest board.  (image via Better Homes and Gardens)

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 7 Tips for an Easy Organized Home Office

1. Create Calm Through Colors

Establishing a clean, calming palette in a room that tends to accumulate clutter can help keep up the desire to make the stuff in the room match the style of the room. Ultimately, the colors you love that will speak to clean and calm for you are personal taste, but in general, neutrals and blues are calming colors to anyone. Check out our light blue, true blue, and turquoise editions of The Color Files to find a paint color to get you started. 

2. Add Shelving

When I redid my office, the major changes were seating and shelving. And boy, what a difference the shelving made! You can learn how to build my rustic wall shelves here, or you can find a similar simple but modern white shelf at a decent price here at Wayfair

3. Use Unexpected Organization

Any time I organize anywhere, I love using ramekins and kitchen dishes. They are great for holding little odds and ends. They are inexpensive. And they come in so many colors that it’s not usually a stretch to find one to fit your color scheme! So often we feel like we have to use approved “home office” organizers when we are organizing a home office… not true! If you love it and it works to help you organize, use it — not matter what section of the store it’s in. 

4. Light It Up

A great ceiling light is a must in a home office, but don’t forget a great lamp for when you need a little extra illumination. A swing arm or pivot lamp allows you to have the light where you need it, when you need it. I love this brushed nickel swing arm lamp from Amazon that gives you the movement you need without looking too much like a boring office lamp. Or this antique bronze pivot lamp would look great on any desk, too!

stylish swing arm and pivot lamps for home office via
brushed nickel swing arm lamp |
antique bronze pivot lamp |

5. Corral the Cords

Anytime you have computers and other electronics, there will be cord clutter. Help alleviate the clutter by drilling a hole in a shelf to drop the cords below, where you can corral those pesky cords in a bin like I did in our last home office. 

6. Add Patterns and Color

A calming palette can look blah if it’s too neutral or calm, so don’t forget to add your favorite colors to help keep the room lively, too. Home office stores or stores like Target and Home Goods sell file folders and boxes in fun patterns and colors to help you both organize and accessorize your office.  Or, let the DIY shine by organizing with dressed-up shoe boxes and mailing boxes, and making your own decorative file folders using scrapbook paper

7. Make It Comfy and Modern

A good office chair is a must, so find one that is comfy. The white and chrome chair in our inspiration office make it look modern white still business like (and the chrome on the drum light and wall shelf help add to the clean look). I found similar well-reviewed chairs that won’t break the bank here on Overstock (on of my favorite places to shop for chairs) and here on Amazon. (Remember, both Overstock and Amazon prices can change frequently, so if you find a chair you love, try watching it for a bit to see if the price comes down a bit — just watch that it doesn’t sell out and break your heart! 🙂 The joys of online shopping!)


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  1. Hello Cassity! This is really what I need at my home office,shelves to organize my things. thanks for the informative tips that you shared with us. I am going to follow all of these and will plan to do this by next weekend.