How to Contain Your Computer Cords

A little while ago I showed you the new desk in our office (the building plans at here)


Well we didn’t really ever get around to showing you how we decided to corral out cords.  First when we weren’t sure what to do with them we did this with a little bill box, we just cut the back side and put the cords in through that slit.



When the lids were on you couldn’t tell they were even there.  But I wanted to clean off the desk top, so I got to searching for ideas…

There are a ton of great ideas from Pinterest (I would love it if you follow me) like these:

controlling computer cords 2controlling computer cords ideas

The first image is a pvc pipe that have been painted and screwed to the back of the desk!  (Lifehacker)

The second picture is rain gutters just under the desk (Apartment Therapy) genius!

controlling computer cords ideas3controlling computer cords ideas5

I love how they used binder clips on the side of their desk. such a great non permanent solution.  (Sources: Image 1 and Image 2)

The picture we loved the most was this:

controlling computer cords ideas4

Ya gotta hand it to Martha, she (and –ahem- her team) have SUCH great organizing ideas.

(The link was to the main page of a blog, sorry, so here it is on Pinterest)

Okay so here is what we did we purchased a drawer organizer from target, and dug into our nail supply for some screw in hooks:


Then with the help of two little girls, Justin marked the place to hang the organizer.


( I love how Lydia’s pants were all bunched up from crawling around)


Because the wood was too hard to just screw the hooks in Justin predrilled some pilot holes.


Then just install (by hand cranking the little hooks in place!  It is sort of neck breaking…)  Make sure all the hooks open up to the same direction so you can hook on the basket.




I wanted the cord to go through the corner of the basket, so I just clipped off on of the metal rods in the corner closest to the plug and fed the plug through.  Plug all your plugs in, gather the excess and tie with twist ties…


There you have it, nice and clean cords!


Now that I have the cords controlled, I think I need to label them.  I love these ideas, which one do you like?

labels for your cords

File folder labels:

I do this with charging cords, only with masking tape or my label printer… and write what they charge. (Real Simple)

labels for your cords2

These look nice too!  (Martha Stewart)

labels for your cords3

I love reusing bag ties idea… (Apartment Therapy)


What simple projects have you been working on lately?

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  1. Brilliant idea – and very timely – the mess behind my desk is driving me insane
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Visiting from Remodelaholic!
    Happy Valentine’s day 🙂

    YOU ARE THE BOMB (and I don’t mean the stink bomb).

  3. Wow! I’m so impressed with this article and your site. Thanks for using so many pictures, even the same pic- just different close ups or angles. So helpful! Thank you!