From Half Bath To Computer And Craft Room

From Half Bath To Computer And Craft Room 

contributed by Ashli @ Maillardville Manor

Our computer room is hands down the most organized room in our house, and if you take a peek at how it looked before, it is also the biggest transformation.

Our green computer room started it’s life as a 2pc. bathroom, an ugly 2pc. bathroom.
I know it’s not great for resale to take out a bathroom (no matter how ugly it is), but we found a way around the issue. Lee (being the smart, smart man that he is) devised a plan to cap off all the plumbing and cut a hole in the cabinetry to allow space for the capped pipe. Now when we go to sell the manor we can either install a sink and toilet, or simply inform potential homebuyers that the option is there.

The computer room really does act as a multipurpose room. It’s our fish Nemo’s home. It’s my scrapbook/ craft room. It’s Lee’s car model room. It stores my sewing machine and fabric.
It stores knitting needles and yarn.

It’s where I work on my computer, it’s where the printer lives.
It holds all of our office supplies, paper, envelopes, stapler and all. Hiding inside a cabinet is our medical binder (a binder I keep our medical records in, blood types, cholesterol numbers etc.) and my inspiration binder (a binder I keep magazine cut outs in). I also store our gift wrapping supplies and cards in there. Not bad for a 5′ by 6′ room.
We painted the room green, and because I use the room way more the Lee does I thought it would be alright to accent it with pink. Besides pink and green love each other.

  •  The scrapbooks boxes (the base cabinets) came from Michaels Craft Store (here’s the link).
  • The ribbon organizer is also from Michaels (here is the link).
  • The corner cabinet came from Ikea, as did the handle on the cabinet. It’s a Kitchen Upper corner cabinet.
  • The counter top came from ikea (here is the link).
  • The two upper cabinets also came from ikea (here’s that link).
  • Shelves between the cabinets, from ikea (i’m starting to see a trend an ikea trend) (Link)
  • The wall organizer is from Ikea it’s part of their ASKER series. It’s very useful and I think it looks great, although my sister thinks that the white containers look like, well I can’t say on here but let’s just say only men have them! (here’s the link to the Asker Series)
  • The sewing form came from a consignment shop for $19.
  • The chair is a matching one to the dinning room chairs, that way if we ever need an extra chair for dinner it will match. The link is inside the dinning room post (HERE).
  • Pink file folders are from Michaels, I found them in one of their fantastic dollar bins ($1 for 4)
  • The clear plastic wall mounted file holders can be found at any random office supply store or on my amazon store. (here is the link)
  • Cork board was a simple big box store purchase but I found one on amazon that is similar to mine, but had I seen this one first I would have bought it. (here’s the link)
  • The Spare Key hooks are from Home Depot, but I  recently saw the same ones at Target (for less). Read more about the Key Hook installation HERE.

     That’s it for Our Computer Room. I don’t know what we would have done if Lee hadn’t thought of changing our ugly powder room in to our beautiful computer room. We have no where else in the house to put our computer and hobby equipment. Thanks to one handy husband I have the perfect place to write this post from.

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    1. It looks great!!! Where did you get your table top dress form from? I’ve been looking everywhere for a child size one