Custom Made Lamp Shades With Ribbon Ruffles

See how custom made lamp shades will make you hungry for more.  These lampshades look beautifully delicious.  See step-by-step instruction below on how you could make your own.


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Fasts & Easy Custom Made Lampshades With Ribbon Ruffles


What you need:
– Lampshade
– Satin ribbon (double sided, for example 75mm (3 in) wide ribbon approx. 15metres(50 feet))
– hot glue gun
– hot glue (reserve more than 12 stick so you won’t run out in the middle of project)
It takes about 1 hour to make one lampshade.
The first edition, “try out”, I did to my living room in purple and used 20 meters (65 feet) of 38mm (1 1/2)wide satin ribbon. It was surprising how easy and fast it was!

1. Add hot glue on to the lampshade a very small area at a time.
2. Start ruffling the ribbon to the glue.
3. While gluing and ruffling, make “whirly” pattern.

4. Continue covering the lampshade totally. The situation on the lower picture is a result of 30 minutes of work.


– The more you make whirls, the more “cream cake”-effect you get.
– Also the density of your ruffles affects the look too.
– Also the ribbon you use, will affect the look: The wider the ribbon, the more 3D & airy look you get.
– The wider the ribbon, the less you need.
– To get more subtle look, use straighter lines (not so whirly) while gluing and ruffle only a little. (Like in fuchsia lampshade)
Check out for more pictures /
White lampshades
Violet lampshade ready
Fuchsia Lampshade

Don’t you want your own custom made lamp shades now?

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  1. The lamp shade is awesome. Love it. Now I need a lamp for my daughter’s room just so I can do this.

  2. Here is a website that will make you any type of lamp shade you want at very reasonable prices. Saves you a lot of time, have them make a lamp shade for you. I ordered a custom made lampshade for my daughter and was very very pleased.