Apartment Master Bedroom Before and After

Apartment Master Bedroom Before and After

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Well, we are finally getting settled into our new apartment and I am just now realizing that I never posted pictures of the finished rooms in our old apartment.  
I did the master gradually but a few months after I finished it I made a couple little changes (you might notice some differences in the pics)

The closet framed with curtains and behind-the-door purse storage:
You might remember these pictures from this post.  They are from this photo shoot.
I painted this Asian screen white and I have used it for a backdrop in this shoot and this one.
This was my favorite photo from the shoot.  Liz is seriously amazing.
We inherited this dresser.  I painted it white because I paint everything white. Obviously I hadn’t finished it yet in these pics.
Fan from Walmart.  Love the dresser drawers.
Made these curtains for the slanted windows.  Ross $2 a panel, and the top is a sheet.
The window was Trey’s “studying corner” with his desk and his beta. 🙂
The same curtain and rod that frames the closet also hides this door for a little more privacy.
My little letter desk from Jr. High that I have kept with me all these years.  I painted it black and spruced up the knobs a little bit.
Another one of my favorite photos from the shoot over the bed with those velvet pillows I fell in love with:
Love my zebra print bed sham.
I should maybe be embarrassed about this picture but it is one of my very favorite pictures…mostly because I took it on our belated honeymoon on the beach so its special 🙂
I love these side tables…tops covered with contact paper.
Make way for the pets:
Ahh my lovely pillows again…
…and drawers

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  1. >How funny — I saw the picture of their portrait and thought, "I think Liz did that session!" Liz is one of my favorite photographers.