A year of fun!

I can’t believe that Lydia is already a year old… (technically her birthday was last Monday but I took the week off on –uh- accident! whoops!)



I thought it would be fun to review the year with Lydia…

I would apologize for how many pictures I am including in this post, but if you only knew how many times I narrowed it down… and anyway, it is just too fun for me to look back, I can’t help it, I think she is SO cute!  (we still need to throw her first birthday let you know when we do it!)

Welcome to Earth!

2-13-11 (2) (600x401)

2-13-11 (3) (600x401)

Meet your big sister, Etta!  You are going to be great friends!

2-14-11(3) (600x447)

2-15-11(3) (600x401)

2-16-11 (7) (401x600)

My sister Tiffany told me to give her a bath right when she came home… I know the rules are that you don’t do it.  But she(Tiff) has done it for most of her kids, and they are alive and well, so I thought I would try it.  It was so adorable she fell asleep almost immediately, it was like going home… (and just FYI, her little cord stump came off within 2 weeks of her birth… no problems!)  To make the bath nice for them you just need to sort of hold their arms down to keep them from flailing and scaring themselves.

2-18-11 (600x401)

I love this “Moby” wrap my sister Noelle sent me!   She made it herself out of some stretchy breathable fabric.  It was so nice in the first 3-4 months.  (I know a lot of people use it after that… but I like to put my children down as often as possible…does that make me a bad mom?)

2-28-11 (600x401)

My wonderful mommy came to visit me!  Just a fun note, she has never colored her hair… (here is to hoping that when I am 66 I still have my natural hair color!)

3-1-12 (600x401)

3-26-11 (600x401)

I will admit, that ever since I found out I was having another girl I was excited for them to play together…

3-31-11 (3) (600x438)

Lydia’s blessing day!

Grandma made her dress like she did for Etta too!  I embroidered flowers with beads!  I love this little dress!

4-10-11 (1) (600x482)

4-10-11 (4) (600x437)

4-10-11 (8) (600x400)

4-19-11 (5) (600x401)

In their matching Easter dresses… this was the best picture we got (I tried again a few months later…right before the dresses were totally outgrown, but we’ didn’t fair much better!

Easter 2011

On our 10th anniversary we went to the zoo!  I know, not the exotic destination you were hoping for… after we went to the botanical gardens and took some family pictures.. without a remote, and only a time… it was pretty funny!  Lydia is wearing one of my dresses in these shots!  Thanks Mom for saving it!

5-4-11 (3) (600x400)

5-4-11 (5) (600x400)

Lydia is our little thumb sucker!  Cute thing!  She found it at about 3 weeks old… we’ll have to see when we get this habit squashed!

5-13-11 (600x400)

Zucchini from our garden

(we have the same picture of Etta… it will have to be a tradition… this is getting me excited for a garden!)

6-3-11 (487x600)

Her first pony tail.

Lydia's first ponytail

6-22-11 (4) (600x400)

We had our friend Destinee Blau take family pictures for us while we were visiting North Carolina.

7-11-11 (1) (600x400)

7-11-11 (2) (400x600)7-11-11 (4) (400x600)

7-11-11 (3) (600x404)

7-11-11 (7) (600x400)

7-11-11 (8) (600x400)

7-11-11 (10) (393x600)

Also on the trip to North Carolina I met Lisa LaPorta (she is so wonderful!) and got to work with my blogging BFF Roeshel from DIY Showoff and meet Rhoda and Lindsay which was so fun.

  1.   I will admit that this was a scary trip for me, first I was designing a room and really had no idea other than that (major pressure).  But the biggest fear was for Lydia has never taken a bottle and was only 5 months old –  no solids.  We did a lot of juggling.  But Daddy took care of both the girls for three days and we lived.  It was overall a great experience for me and I am SO glad I went!

7-12-11 (3) (600x445)

I figure while they will let me that I should dress them in matching dresses… so far so good!

7-17-11 (2) (600x579)

8-21-11 (600x401)

I visit from my niece Eliza was such a treat!

8-27-11 (600x406)

8-29-11 (2) (600x450)

8-31-11 (600x401)

I hate to admit that the first real food Lydia ever tried was a green otter pop.   We gave her some just for fun to see what she’d do… well she loved it and FREAKED out when we took it away.  So it became a bit of a tradition to go outside and have otter pops together while the weather was good.

9-9-11 (600x400)

This girl’s theme song has to be Move it, Move it… (or what ever the title is)  she is all over the place. She rolled over three times in her first week home, up on all fours by about 4 months and crawling by 5 and walking by 9 months…

9-13-11 (401x600)

We got to visit our family in Utah during October…

10-2-11 (600x450)

10-9-11 (600x400)

Lydia LOVED Jumpin Jacks she was all over the place!

10-10-11 (600x450)

10-25-11 (2) (600x401)

10-25-11 (600x401)

Catelin is one of our babysitters.  We love her and Lydia is such a good cuddler!


12-2-11 (379x600)

Who cares about Christmas presents when there are bows on the boxes?

12-25-11 (600x450)

This dress was one of the first things I bought when we found out Etta was a girl.

(so technically my first baby clothes purchase ever… I really love it!)

B1-1-12 (600x427)

B1-2-12 (600x400)

Lydia LOVES pancakes, especially if they have chocolate chips… can you tell?

B1-9-12 (521x600)

B1-6-12 (1) (600x400)

These girls LOVE to play outside, and it has been a mild winter so we’ve been out side a LOT this year so far.  I love it when they play together… and again the matching outfits

(these were on clearance at Walmart for 2 bucks a pop!)

B1-6-12 (3) (600x443)

B1-11-12 (600x400)

B1-14-12 (2) (600x400)

B1-14-12 (600x400)

First piggy tails! And talking on the phone (i.e. remote control!)

b1-22-12 (600x400)

b1-28-12 (600x400)

Etta has been quite the mommy lately, eating applesauce can take upwards of 30 minutes… which helps when I am trying to get things done!


b2-2-12 (600x400)

b2-7-12 (1) (600x401)

b2-7-12 (2) (600x401)

b2-7-12 (3) (600x401)

On her birthday she got a few little gifts including this Elmo Guitar.  She LOVES dancing and music, so this thing was the much coveted gift… which may have resulted in a few meltdowns from her older sister.

b2-13-12 (1) (600x400)

b2-13-12 (2) (600x410)

A Wonderful Birthday to my beautiful, happy, cuddly, loving girl!

We love you Lydia!  I can’t wait to watch you grow up!

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  1. I LOVE the picture with the zucchini! I can so identify with growing some monstrously big zucchini and the munchkin looks adorable next to it.

    Paula @ lifeinthemiddlelane-paulawillis.blogspot.com

  2. So sweet! Happy Birthday!!! I can totally relate to all of the photos…I did a post recently on my little guy’s 1st Birthday and I warned about the amount of photos in my post title. haha…

    So fun to have sisters for them to play with each other. 🙂

  3. What a precious gift! Congratulations to all of you.
    I think you’re so lucky that she sucks her thumb – avoids the pacifier fight. She can comfort herself when she needs it. Even if this lasts several years, it’s still psychologically healthy. (Plus, I secretly sucked my thumb til I was 9, turned out fine and have perfectly, naturally straight teeth.)

    🙂 Heidi