It REALLY is..

a Baby who will be wearing this home from the hospital!
With these shoes, that Daddy picked out!
Buddy’s already a little worried, I’m taking pictures of a dress and not his cute, little, furry, body!

And because I’ve waited so long, I also bought this one.

Won’t a little blonde,
blue eyed baby girl look adorable in this!

And lastly this! Cuz it’s polka dots…
and summery… and GIRLY!

We are 90% sure it’s a girl! I went out and celebrated by buying a non gender neutral outfit, or two, or three! (hey, we were at Walmart and these little numbers are priced to sell!!) This little baby girl sure likes to keep her secrets though! I called the doctor’s office and begged to come in for a sonogram, and they said I could – TODAY so I rushed at the chance!

We got there and yet again her legs were crossed and she was sitting with her bottom hidden too low to see. Then, the nurse had me sit on my side for 15 minutes and poke my belly to bug my baby a bit. Well, we tried again, she had moved about a fraction of an inch! So, we got a shot that we think might be conclusive!

Now, I am embracing the pink, polka dots, dresses, hoping she has hair, butterflies, princesses, castles, hearts and stars ….and she has a name.

Etta, First name is a family name.

We love our baby girl! And cannot wait to see how wonderful she is….

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