Chocolate or Mickey Mouse?

Both! For those of you that love both, (although, I must say that I was just in it for the chocolate!!) Here is a random picture of the BEST dessert on earth! I named it molten Mickey Cake, took a picture and then ate it all!- not exactly planned, but delicious.
Here is the recipe:
(Warning! Highly addictive substance, and really easy to make!)
4 squares Semi-sweet bakers Chocolate
1/2 c butter
(melt together in microwave, stir till smooth)
(one at a time and combine before adding the next ingredient)
1 c Powdered sugar
2 whole eggs
2 egg yolks
6 T flour
Divide between 4 small 6-8 oz Pam sprayed ramekins
Bake 425 for 13 – 14 minutes or until top begins to crack.
Remove from oven, let stand 1 minute, cut around edge and invert onto plate.
(this product is not guaranteed to look like Mickey- but it will taste good!)

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