Kick Some Cass!

Forgive me for the title but I think it is funny! And it’s true.

For the last four weeks or so I have been feeling little butterfly flutters from my wee babe. Well, the last few days I’ve actually felt a distinct jab or two, (almost like getting flicked from the inside.)

Last night, our little Bubs was having a hey day. I had just eaten some Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice cream and I think Shim was showing their enthusiasm for it! Chocoholics are started young in this family! Anyway, Justin got to feel the baby kick for the very first time- Twice. Then we just sat and watched the show. We saw 3 more big kicks, my belly actually moved in a spot about a 1/4 of an inch out! It was the best entertainment ever!

Justin has been wanting to feel the baby for so long, it was really fun! He would say “Whoa, was that one”, and I would know that he felt the big kick I just did!

I am just so excited!

**P.S. We will have to wait another 2 weeks to find out what we are having. The lady who was doing the sonogram, wrote down that we were having a girl (Even though she told us she didn’t know- and I am perfectly happy with a girl).

When I called in to visit them this week, and asked “you said I could come in…” She was like “It says your having a girl- so you can just wait.” (from me -big aggressive sigh!) I am going to be having some words with my doctors. I cannot stand being told “I’ll do it” and then having that person just totally blow me off- totally unprofessional! But, two weeks is not all that bad, but I am definitely going to explain my frustrations, hopefully nicely.

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