Sweater Vest… I Mean Vase; Guest Party Highlight

I have had this plan in my head for months.  Making a recycled sweater covered vase, especially since everyone has been wrapping bottles with twine.  This has been in my brain since I made my sweater pillows and Christmas socks.  I have been shopping around and had the stuff in my craft room for 3 months.  And guess what?  My project just got linked to my party… oh the blog world, sometimes it’s a love / hate relationship.  But, I guess I should think great minds think alike right?

And that other great mind is Stephanie Lynn from Under the Table and Dreaming
I adore Country Living and am totally inspired by that warm cozy natural rustic feel. {I also adore Lindsay’s blog and was totally inspired by her Five Dollar Challenge} A challenge with a deadline is one way to get me moving.

Let me start by saying this project cost me $1.00; yep, that’s right ~ One whole dollar. Nothing that is going to break your bank here, plus it’s so easy peasy anyone with a glue gun can handle this, I promise.

I bought the glass cylinder vase from the beloved Dollar Tree {these are all over blog land being used as diy candle sticks and apothecary jars so I know almost all of the Dollar Trees carry them ~ they are located in the candle isle} The sweater was mine worn one too many times. I have to say I am so tired of winter this year that it was easy for me to give this one up. Our Dollar Tree also carries a few sweaters so if you are not willing to part ways with any of your clothing, this project will cost you $2. The only other materials needed to create this project are a glue gun and a tiny bit of a glue stick.

I began by sliding the vase into one sleeve of the sweater.
You want the nice clean edge of the cuff to be at the top of your vase.
Cut the sleeve 1 inch above the base of the vase so you are left with some material to wrap around the bottom.
Make a two slits in the sweater approximately 2 inches apart and glue that piece to the bottom of the vase.
You want your vase to sit level so it’s important to not have any overlapping pieces of sweater on the bottom. To ensure this, fold over the next section and cut the access piece that is created with you line up your next cut.
Trim off the access piece so your seam is level and work your way around the entire bottom.
Once you are completely done go back and trim off and glue down and uneven pieces until your vase sits level.

Love the simplicity; be still my beating heart.
The cuff of the sleeve creates a perfect finished look on the top.
The shape of these particular vases just happens to be the perfect circumference to fill a sweater sleeve nice and snug.
I heart cable knit…{and inexpensive easy projects}
I still have the rest of the sweater to work with too {oh the possibilities} Stay Tuned! Enjoy!

Great Job Stephanie!  
I love the color of sweater you found and the cable knit, 
it is so perfect!

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