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Many of us like to create things, but that doesn’t mean we have a whole room to do it in right?  Abbe from All Dolled Up sent me her solution to a small space for crafting.  I am SO inspired by it.  It is a genius, creative  solution and inexpensive, what could be better?  So now, whether you have a whole room or just a corner of space maybe you can figure out a way to control the crafting clutter!

Thanks Abbe!

I am so excited to share this project with you!
I have had major craft room envy for quite some time.
We are squeezzeeddd in this Doll house. There is no spare bed room, no guest room, no basement. And since we aren’t moving ’til we are debt free, gotta make it work.
I cram my crafts in a cupboard in my kitchen and then spread out on the kitchen table with it’s time to do a project.
It gets quite annoying when people want to use the table to eat while I am sewing..
(how dare they!)
While taking D to school, I thought about asking hubby to throw a few shelves in with some plywood we had in the garage.
Then the wheels starting turning….
Here’s the process:
This is my end cupboard in the kitchen. It is the largest and deepest, probably suited to be a broom closet. It is the crap closet. Open the door and you will see:
Yes- I am the queen of cram. Let’s see, we have bins of paper, scraps, and half done scrapbooks. We have disks with images yet to be printed. We have tons of random fabrics and ribbons. We have the beloved handed down sewing machine. We have more random crap- I could go on and on….
“Help me…please”
Next step: enlist the help of a hottie handy hubby….
Clean out crap and let the man get some measurements:

Ah.. the inside of a 1950’s closet. It is a thing of beauty. Who paints this color anyway?

The beginnings of some shelves… I am getting excited!
Then, in the middle of the night… I thought….
“What about a fold out table to pull the sewing machine out on??? Yes! A piano hinge and a dowel rod… it could work! Let’s go to Home Depot! Wait… it’s 2 am.”
PLEASE tell me you wake up thinking about these things too….
SO, some left over paint from the boys dresser, and a piano hinge cut to the dimensions of my closet, and a few baskets and cork board…..
you get:
Piano hinge : $7.00
Table leg: $1.18
I know, right!?! Don’t you just want to sit and make something fabulous?
I glued on some cork board pieces on the back of the door to hang things that inspire me and ideas I have for future projects. Total cost of this:
5.00 cork board at Hobby Lobby,
1.00 cute push pins from the dollar store
1.oo little envelopes from the dollar store
I love these little guys to keep fabric swatches and paint samples in so I can coordinate my current projects.
$2.00! Can I get a whoa hoo!?!
Two eye hook screws : .79 each
Dowel Rod cut to size: .89 cents
Perfect ribbon organizer!
Folded all my fabrics and used the baskets the Cd’s were in to keep them all together.
Cost: nothing, just reusing what I got…
Pull up my chair, and you can still eat that sandwich at the table!
Found an old candle holder, whose match was broken. Used it for a pen cup!
Clean up time is way better.
Scoot the machine back.
Remove leg.
Fold table down.
Just some kitchen cabinets…..
There is a craft room in there…
It will be our little secret!

Don’t you love the idea?  
What are you going to do now?  
Send me your creative solutions for making space
 so I can feature them!
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  1. >This is absolutely awesome! I have the same problem. We have four bedrooms, but they all all still filled with people. I currently use the hall linen closet for my craft and gift wrap. I need to figure out a way to emulate your genius ideas!!!

    Have a great Saturday. Happy Sewing!

  2. >I'm so happy for you!!! I am lucky enough to have a room for crafting (but it's a super disaster!!) and seeing people's nifty craft spaces makes my day! It makes me want to get mine organized! Oh, but that's work-not fun…

  3. >What an amazing and unexpected surprise! Thanks for sharing all your amazing finds and ideas! Love your blog!!!

  4. >Oh. My. Word. I want a craft room like this. You made such a great craft just by doing this room. How creative! I can't wait to see what you make with it!