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Hey Everyone,  Corey  here from Sawdust2stitches.    I know that many DIYer’s  have an abundance of “stuff”,  tools,  supplies, projects etc…  Another  common  trait of  DIYer’s  is the need to make things look “pretty”.  Combine those two factors with my over-the-top  need for organization  and I  can become a little bit of a crazy person. Some days the only thing that  keeps me sane is; Diet Coke, and totes,  lots and lots of totes.

( As made evident  here, here, and literally  every closet in my home.)

Computer desk into organized craft cabinet | Sawdust2Stitches on #craftroom #storage #makeover

When it came to organizing all my crafting/office supplies,   I was struggling.  I actually  don’t do a lot of “crafting”,  so I didn’t  feel that my  craft supplies warranted an entire room.   But where  could  I put it all and still have it easily accessible ? Maybe a craft cabinet?

My solution= Craigslist.

Let me make on thing VERY clear.  This picture was NOT taken in  my home.  This was the image that the original  owners supplied on Craigslist.  ( Note  to self : Write a tutorial about staging)

How to Turn a Computer Desk into a Craft Cabinet

craft cabinet before ss

 It’s not much to look at,  but a solid wood cabinet for $35.00  it would work!

I quickly got to work and  gave it a nice paint job, and added some custom modifications to accommodate various larger items in my craft cabinet.  You can read  all the  fun details  here .

craft cabinet during ss r

I was content with my craft cabinet for quite  a while,  until  started to notice a pattern. The top desk area  became my “catch all” clutter spot.  It was driving me crazy.  I am very much an “everything has a place and everything in it’s place”  type of gal.   I was  just stacking bins in an effort to organize it,   until one day  I had HAD IT.  I went into the garage, and  came back  in carrying my “heavy duty hammer”.  (That’s when you know  I mean business.)

  I busted out the existing cubbies.  They  weren’t  bad,  but they  were  blocking  its ultimate potential.  So, out they came!

Remove  shelving ss remodelaholic

I took some measurements and went out to the garage.

  Fortunately I had some  boards that would work perfect for shelves left over from various projects!

 I  cut boards the width of my cabinet,  these would become my shelves.  I also cut boards the height of my  bins,  these would become my dividers.  Once everything was cut,  I sanded them all in preparation for paint.

prime   craft cabinet makeover

 I proceeded to prime, and paint.

Once  everything was dry,  I was ready to install!

install supports  craft cabinet remodelaholic

Once supports  are in in desired positions. Balance the shelf on top  of them.  I secured them in place by nailing through the shelf into the supports below.

Install  supports and shelf

Repeat process as many times as applicable.

repeat steps remodelaholic

 Purely  for aesthetics I added trim to the outer edge. 🙂

add trim remodelaholic

 Ta -da!  Look at all the crap you can fit in there !  I love it!  I also love that when you have to get something out of the bottom  bin you don’t have to rearrange the entire  cabinet to access it .  Ain’t NOBODY got time for that.

craft cabinet overhaul

craft cabinet makeoverThis  just  makes me happy!  Everything in its place. craft  cabinet makeover remeodelaholic… and no one would know, it is a freestanding craft room.  craft  cabinet overhaul remodelaholic

 Have a great day, and take luck,



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She can typically be found hunched over a sewing machine and/or covered in sawdust. All in the effort to create a perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality in her home.

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    1. It’s true! I can’t of any other way to clearly quantify and qualify how much it holds! Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment!

    2. That line cracked me up as well. I call everything crap. LOVE the transformation of the cabinet. I’m into dollhouse miniatures-this would be a great way to store the mini-crap! Thank you!

  1. Fabulous! But come on, you tease! I see the color peeking out from the former keyboard shelf-show us? Meanwhile, I’m off to CL–but to the “free stuff”!

  2. I did the same thing to a entertainment center. Still figuring out the inside to organize better Also added a fold down work space. Not sure how to add a picture of it here.

  3. Love!!! Can you do a tutorial on the frame sitting atop of your craft cabinet?? I neeeed one of those!

  4. Where’s the sewing machine ? Maybe could have left room for it and added a few slots above for storage..looks as if didn’t really fix problem …not that idea isn’t good.