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Abbey from The Cards We Drew is a working mother and wife to a sweet toddler boy and baseball playing hubby. When Abbey’s not crunching numbers at her day job, she’s crafting away and putting it out there for the world to see on her blog. Her true loves include coffee, cupcakes, and crafting…in that order. 🙂 Abbey can also be found over at DimplePrintsrunning their blog and helping to create fun parties and events.

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Wow, you guys I kinda feel like a huge weight has been lifted! I have been working on this craft room for what feels like forever, but I can finally say that I’ve finished it! Yay! So be aware, this is SUPER picture overload! I’m just so happy with the final results and it’s very ME! So please bear with me while we reveal here today!
Let’s refresh a little on the whole process, shall we, before we get to the good part!
Last August I started this process…AH! Can you believe that?! I updated with my post HERE about cleaning the room out and getting ready to prepare it.
SMile Artwork 018
Then from there, I updated you guys on my Filing Cabinet Makeover in September where I spray painted the black cabinets white and embellished them to match the room.
Labor Day 087
After that, progress kind of halted for a while…inspiration wasn’t striking and I was keeping busy elsewhere. Then in March I decided to make over  lamp for my craft room and thus the Craft Room Lamp Makeover project was born.
And then last month, of course, I finished up my Cane Chair Makeover.
cane chair 1
So now we’re here and here’s the finished room!
Here’s the desk area…90% of the stuff is from Ikea . The chair is the Jules Swivel Chair in yellow from Ikea. Then there’s the magnet board and two bars with holders on them, also from Ikea. The cork board is a garage sale find that was originally from Home Goods and the white frames are also Ikea.
I used scrapbook paper from JoAnn’s as my inspiration and color scheme for the room. I used it in large pennants, scalloped garland, on my filing cabinets, and also for my Smile Artwork over the sewing table.
Craft Room 006
This is the view walking into the room and looking left/center. My craft room is a spare room in my basement right off the stairs, so light in this room and a bright color was extremely important in my choice.
Craft Room 011
This is the view of the door going into the room. There’s my made over cane chair and the shelf I got from another garage sale for a steal and was originally red, spray painted pink. The chevron yellow rug is from Urban Outfitters online for a really good price for a rug that size.
Craft Room 012
I hung shelving on the back wall up high so I could add more storage later if needed. Carli, my pal from DimplePrints, kindly made me labels from her Cute as a Button party collectionfor me to laminate and label my craft room with.

Craft Room 013 Craft Room 014 Craft Room 043

I tried to organize my room as much as I could so it made sense to me because I’ve gained a LOT of stuff over the past year!

Craft Room 006 Craft Room 008

Craft Room 019 Craft Room 020 Craft Room 022

I found a coveted sign at Home Goods that’s a licensed reproduction of Barn Owl Primitives on canvas for $20, so I was THRILLED because I’ve wanted that sign forever and it matches my craft room perfectly.
Craft Room 023 Craft Room 024 Craft Room 025
Here’s the view from the back side of the room looking at the entrance.
Craft Room 021
I purchased some of my favorite craft and party planning books for the room for decoration and also because they are FULL of inspiration for those times when I’m in a craft FUNK!

Craft Room 027

Here’s my sewing table, which is still something I know very little about! Smile



Craft Room 035
Yellow chevron is kind of becoming by “thing” wouldn’t you say!? Just look at my blog!

Craft Room 041 Craft Room 044

Craft Room 045 Craft Room 046

Craft Room 051 Craft Room 048

So there you have it…my craft room reveal!!! What do you guys think!??!? I’m in love with it. I know it’s not for everyone, but I wanted TONS of color, inspiration, and fun in this room and that’s just what I did.


Now that I’m finally done with this room, we can move onto our office makeover next! Can’t wait to get started! Thanks for hanging with me patiently over the past 10 months while I finished this project up! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!
UPDATE: I’ve had a ton of questions about the paint color I used…it’s called Dive In by Valspar at Lowe’s. Hope that helps!


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  1. I am about to embark on a makeover in my son’s room and have been trawling the web for some colour inspiration and I have certainly found it here. Turquoise and yellow! Vibrant and bright, my son will love it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh my gosh! I think I have that EXACT SAME COLOR on my craft room wall!! I LOVE the color (both on your walls and mine)…it makes such an inviting and inspiring place for creativity! Don’t you think!?

  3. I am in craft room love!! I have been wanting to re-do my craft room and I feel so inspired now. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and detail. Love it!!