Derailed! New Stair Railing Look, Guest Project

This simple project from Jenn @ Jenn’s Corner of Heaven made such a  difference to update the look of their railing.  Don’t you think it looks so good.  This makes me think I need to finish the railing on my stairs…  “Honey!!”(me, calling the person who is actually going to do most of the work!)

A couple weekends ago, during all the snow, we were stuck inside. A new project was calling my name.

Country Oak – the color of our stair railing. I think it was hip in the 90’s if you were in your late 40’s. It’s been on the to-do list since we moved in, just wasn’t a priority.

Once again, a project that took me nearly 2 weeks to finish.

Downstairs Before:
Downstairs After:
From Upper Landing Before:
From Upper Landing After:

Terrible light in the last picture. Today is overcast and I didn’t have much sunlight. But I was too anxious to share!

I am loving dark hand rails.  I am going to do this too.  
(If you have seen The Blind Side, they have dark hand railings it in the house, and Boy-oh-Boy it is so dang beautiful.  I pretty much love all the architectural details of that house… Go rent it today if you haven’t seen it!)

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  1. >I would love to do this to my stair railing. My golden oak color definitely needs updating!

  2. >We moved to our home last summer and put in dark bamboo floors making the oak look so tacky on our stair rail (as if it needed any help!);)

    We've been putting it off because it will be such a task to keep it off the carpet and it smells bad, takes a long time to dry…I am totally dreading it but looking at these pics really motivated me, it will look so much better! Must start staining…. 🙂

  3. >This turned out so beautiful! We did the same and it makes a huge difference!
    Take care

  4. Love your site. New to remodeling.

    What did you do to get rid of the old Country Oak finish? I know it took two weeks to finish. Appreciate your help.