Pillow fight

A while ago, I cleaning out my closet and found these two sweaters. I haven’t worn them for a few years, so I decided not to keep them in my closet. I did however, save them in my sewing closet, because they are wool and I saw on Martha a really cute woolen mitten pattern to make from old sweaters.
Then, when I found out I was prego, and started compiling the stuff for the nursery I thought wouldn’t those sweaters make cute pillows.
While shopping at Walmart randomly, I found two pillow forms on the cheap! So, for $5.00 I was able to make two adorable woollen pillows for the day bed in the baby’s room.
I basically just sewed the three edges into a square, til they fit snugly around the pillows. Then closed up the final seam by hand while it was on the pillow. Yet again, no zipper, but oh well, I could just throw the whole thing in the washer if necessary.
Here is what they look like on the bed.
I thought I’d throw in a detail of this pillow a made a few years ago. I just think it is pretty.

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