Guess what…

Chicken Butt!
No, I haven’t had my baby. I didn’t mean to get anyone’s hope up. I just happen to say that randomly throughout the day now that we own chickens. There is the “chicken poo” one too- but I will spare you! No more rhymes I mean it!
How fun!
But seriously, the sad news- ladies and gentlemen, we are almost positive we have a rooster. That is right Beauty, has his looks for a reason. He is a “Cock-y” little man!
(hopefully we don’t have more, but I have my suspicions)
Unfortunately this means we can’t keep him and my heart is already breaking! But the neighbors will not be okay with his good old cock-a-doodle-doo morning call! (although it is cute, it just makes me sad every time I hear it!)

Without further adieu, here are some pics of our not so little babies.

Beauty, Penny and Chickadee!

Chickadee Close up!

Dirt bathing in “the jungle”,
AKA the garden under a tomato plant which they have picked clean!

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