Basement Storage Room Remodel

In our latest basement remodel update, I’ll show you how our basement storage room is almost done: tile floor installed, walls painted, and there’s even shelving installed! 

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Basement Storage Room Remodel

We first showed you this storage room when it was really rough. Since that first video, we’ve

In the last storage room video, I told you that we had installed the tile floor but it was covered up to keep it safe while we finished up some other tasks.

But now this room is mostly done, so we’re ready to reveal it!

Ceramic Star Tile Flooring And Easy Track Shelving Storage In A Basement Storage Room Remodel, Remodelaholic

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Storage Room Tile Floor in the Basement

We chose this 8″ porcelain decor floor tile, in the Nouveau Nero Starlight Deco pattern.

The full effect of the installed tile with the black grout looks so great!

My brother-in-law installed this while I was working on some other projects, and he did a fantastic job.

Basement Storage Room Remodel With Ceramic Star Tile Flooring, Remodelaholic (1)

Why put nice flooring in a storage room? 

Some people wonder why we went to the work of putting a nice-looking flooring in a room that will be storing things, not a central part of our house.

The answer? Because we like it. And honestly, between the new lighting and the flooring, we’re going to keep this room way more tidy because it looks SO GREAT!

Basement Storage Room With Tile Floor And Track Shelving Storage, Remodelaholic (1)

Easy Storage Room Shelving

We love built-in shelving (like we built in our Park House in Texas, both bookshelves and so much storage shelving).

(We’ve also built-in storage using IKEA hacks like this and this… we love storage space!)

But for this storage room, we wanted something fast, affordable, and versatile. We chose the ClosetMaid track shelf system.

Easy Install Basement Storage, Track Shelving System, Remodelaholic (1)

It’s adjustable, so we can cut the 12″ melamine shelves to the lengths we need to accommodate taller or shorter items.

The shelf standards and double brackets made it easy to get this full wall of sturdy shelving hung quickly!

And, bonus, the components are inexpensive and readily available at our local Home Depot for easy pickup.

See more DIY shelving ideas for storage and decor here.

Electrical and Other Cables

Since our house was built in the 1960’s, we’ve had to do a fair amount of electrical work to get it up to snuff.

As we’ve been doing this, we made this storage room the central location for ethernet and other connections. Still finishing that up, as you can see, but really excited about this central location.


Storage and Mechanical Room

Just off the storage room is our mechanical room. I installed the pocket door frame, so it’s just waiting on the door part to match our other new birch doors.

Pocket doors are a great solution for closing off an area without taking up valuable space with a swinging door. Perfect for a basement mechanical room!

See how to install a pocket door plus a video tutorial here.


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Basement Storage Room Remodel With Affordable Ceramic Star Tile Flooring And Track Shelving Storage, Remodelaholic

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