Storage Room Progress | Basement Remodel Update

See how our basement storage room looks now that we’ve installed the ceiling lights and the drywall, plus see our favorite smooth drywall texture technique. 

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Basement Storage Room Updates

Since our last video about installing our new solid core doors, we’ve made some great progress on our basement storage room!

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Basement Storage Room Lighting

Our low-clearance LED ceiling lights are installed and sheetrocked in the already low ceiling and looking good.

I might install a couple more lights, too (since they’re so easy to install!) and I’d like to upgrade to a dimmer switch as well.

Drywall and Doors

The drywall is up and painted. I’ve installed another door, and I’ll install another pocket door to the mechanical room, too.

See how to install a pocket door here and some extra DIY pocket door tips (and video) here.

Basement Storage Room Flooring

We installed tile while our tile installer was working on some other projects, too — it’s hidden and protected so stay tuned for the grand reveal later 😉

Electrical Updates

As you can see in the video, there are a lot of cables and wires coming into this room, so, as one eagle-eyed reader noticed, we also updated our electrical panel (and moved it to the storage room from the stairway).

The electrical needs of a family are *much* different now than in the 1960’s when the house was built, so this was a much needed update for safety and functionality!

Smooth Wall Drywall Texture

The video shows just how smooth the drywall is in this storage room. It doesn’t look like much… which is kind of the point!

We’ve been gradually updating each of the walls upstairs (like we showed here with our bathroom built-ins) to smooth walls and our favorite straight-off-the-shelf white paint.

You can kind of see (or rather, not see) the wall texture here where we showed our master bedroom remodel.

Smoothing the wall textures is one of the small features that we really like about updating an older house to be more modern. The details make a difference!

Future Plans for the Basement Storage Room

We’re still figuring out exactly how we want and need this storage room to function. We might install some closet sections, or make a work table for a wrapping station (maybe like this), or add some food storage and appliance space… or all 3!

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